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[FLUME-3101] taildir source may endless loop when tail a file - Flume - [issue]
...If there are many files in the path that need to be tail, and there is a file written by high frequency (for example, there are file a, file b and file c in the path, file a is written at hi...    Author: hunshenshi , 2018-09-29, 04:06
[FLUME-3255] Some file descriptors are still held in extreme cases - Flume - [issue]
...We use TaildirSource to track logs in our production system. Recently we found that some file descriptors are still held after the file name is changed to the name that no longer matches the...    Author: tinawenqiao , 2018-09-27, 08:11
HTTP Sink support for header in the URL - Flume - [mail # user]
...Is there a way to provide header variable in URL and pick the value fromevent?For example, if I should be able to give HTTP endpoint as:*{type}*and value of ...
   Author: Sachin Kale , 2018-09-22, 04:02
[expand - 1 more] - When is the next release scheduled? - Flume - [mail # user]
...Hello Kathrin,We are planning to have a new release soon. We would like to start theprocess in the first half of October. I would expect a new release inNovember.RegardsFerenc SzaboOn Fri, S...
   Author: Ferenc Szabo , Kathrin Geilmann , ... , 2018-09-21, 16:39
[FLUME-3239] Do not rename files in SpoolDirectorySource - Flume - [issue]
...Implement a method to track files without renaming in SpoolingDirectorySource when flume is done with them.Flume still needs to keep track of done files, so this would require some sort of e...    Author: Endre Major , 2018-09-18, 13:31
[FLUME-3267] flume taildir will lost log when log rolling - Flume - [issue]
...hi,    I use TimeBasedRollingPolicy rolling policy in my service, and then use flume taildir source will lost records when service log rolling....    Author: bink chen , 2018-09-15, 02:56
[FLUME-2445] Duplicate files in s3 (both temp and final file) - Flume - [issue]
...Noticed that both temp and final file are created in S3 bucket by HDFS sink as shown belowrw-rw-rw   1    9558423 2014-08-18 18:01 s3n://my-bucket/flume/actions/day=16300/hour...    Author: Bijith Kumar , 2018-09-11, 15:04
[FLUME-3273] Avro Flume source throws java.nio.channels.ClosedChannelException when a client is being disconnected - Flume - [issue]
...I configured the Avro source on my Flume instance and enabled compression for it. Then I sent some events with the avro-client (compression is enabled for the client too). The events were su...    Author: Vyacheslav Kulakov , 2018-09-07, 09:49
[FLUME-3270] Close JMS resources in JMSMessageConsumer constructor in case of failure - Flume - [issue]    Author: Peter Turcsanyi , 2018-09-06, 06:30
[FLUME-3272] A lot of repetitions occurred when sending messages using kafkaSink - Flume - [issue]    Author: 刘玉坤 , 2018-09-05, 14:55