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[expand - 4 more] - I'm stucked with this error: Error starting MRAppMaster java.lang.VerifyError: class org.apache.hadoop.yarn.proto.YarnProtos$ApplicationIdProto overrides final method getUnknownFields.()Lcom/google/protobuf/UnknownFieldSet; - Giraph - [mail # user]
...Hi Eli,first of all thank you for your support and your time!I tryed to use giraph-dist-1.2.0-hadoop2-bin.tar.gz with hadoop-2.3.0 but Igot always the same error. I read all previous posts b...
   Author: Francesco Sclano , Eli Reisman , ... , 2018-08-06, 09:55
[GIRAPH-1199] Incorrect Logging Statement on #255 in GiraphYarnClient - Giraph - [issue]
...Summary :In-case, Yarn-Heap-Size passed in Giraph Configuration exceeds max available capacity, we downgrade its value to max capacity (Lines #253-#257).Currently, the logger message associa...    Author: Swapnil-Gandhi , 2018-08-02, 02:58
[GIRAPH-1197] Out-dated maven command in README - Giraph - [issue]
...The current readme for Giraph suggests using hadoop_trunk maven profile with Apache Hadoop 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT. However, NO hadoop_trunk profile exists in pom.xml.I have raised Pull Request #77 w...    Author: Swapnil-Gandhi , 2018-07-30, 17:33
Is it correct to use yarn with giraph-1.2 ? - Giraph - [mail # user]
...Is it correct to use yarn with giraph-1.2? I downloaded and configuredgiraph-dist-1.2.0-hadoop2-bin.tar.gz and hadoop-2.5.2.tar.gz. Hence afterformatting I use following
   Author: Francesco Sclano , 2018-07-28, 19:12
[GIRAPH-1198] issue: Job failed as tasks failed. failedMaps:1 failedReduces - Giraph - [issue]
...hello, I found this error when I'm running a giraph job and this is the command $HADOOP_HOME/bin/hadoop jar $GIRAPH_HOME/giraph-examples/target/giraph-examples-1.3.0-SNAPSHOT-for-hadoop-2.7....    Author: Soad Elshahat , 2018-07-26, 16:14
[expand - 2 more] - Request for information on Giraph custom Partitioner using external service - Giraph - [mail # user]
...Hi Ravikant,Thanks for responding to my query. This definitely helped me validate thesteps I did for creating creating a custom partitioner.I am currently looking for a mechanism in Giraph w...
   Author: Neha Raj , Ravikant Dindokar , ... , 2018-07-13, 13:50
[GIRAPH-1196] Remove references to HiveIO - Giraph - [issue]
...This is not used. There are some relevant dependencies in pom.xml and some references in the documentation. We should remove these....    Author: Dionysios Logothetis , 2018-05-31, 20:13
[GIRAPH-1195] Register serializers for ImmutableBiMap in HadoopKryo #76 - Giraph - [issue]
...When using guava, RegularImmutableBiMap is may be used underneath the covers as an immutable map implementation. The default MapSerializer does not work for this implementation as it does no...    Author: Dionysios Logothetis , 2018-05-31, 19:08
[GIRAPH-299] Remove unused field in BspServiceMaster - Giraph - [issue]
...GIRAPH-275 was a victim of this weekend's outage of the JIRA site. When I rebased the patch, I did it from a version that was not the last one I uploaded before said outage. When I rebased t...    Author: Eli Reisman , 2018-05-31, 18:25
[GIRAPH-1176] Giraph 1.2.0 not listed on the Giraph website - Giraph - [issue]
...The Giraph website lists the most recent release as 1.2, but on the download page does not provide a link to download 1.2.This is a minor thing, but caused a problem for us when I asked devo...    Author: Adam Kennedy , 2018-05-31, 18:25