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[HADOOP-7024] Create a test method for adding file systems during tests. - Hadoop - [issue]
...It allows a (mocked) filesystem object to be added to cache for testing purposes. This is used by HDFS-1187....    Author: Kan Zhang , 2011-12-12, 06:19
[HADOOP-6613] RPC server should check for version mismatch first - Hadoop - [issue]
...Currently AuthMethod is checked before Version....    Author: Kan Zhang , 2011-12-12, 06:19
[HADOOP-7104] Remove unnecessary DNS reverse lookups from RPC layer - Hadoop - [issue]
...RPC connection authorization needs to verify client's Kerberos principal name matches what specified for the protocol. For service clients like DN's, their Kerberos principal names can be sp...    Author: Kan Zhang , 2011-12-12, 06:19
[HADOOP-7091] reloginFromKeytab() should happen even if TGT can't be found - Hadoop - [issue]
...HADOOP-6965 introduced a getTGT() method and prevents reloginFromKeytab() from happening when TGT is not found. This results in the RPC layer not being able to refresh TGT after TGT expires....    Author: Kan Zhang , 2011-12-12, 06:19
[HADOOP-6905] Better logging messages when a delegation token is invalid - Hadoop - [issue]
...From our production logs, we see some logging messages of "token is expired or doesn't exist". It would be helpful to know whose token it was....    Author: Kan Zhang , 2011-12-12, 06:19
[HADOOP-6632] Support for using different Kerberos keys for different instances of Hadoop services - Hadoop - [issue]
...We tested using the same Kerberos key for all datanodes in a HDFS cluster or the same Kerberos key for all TaskTarckers in a MapRed cluster. But it doesn't work. The reason is that when data...    Author: Kan Zhang , 2011-12-12, 06:19
[HADOOP-6877] Common part of HDFS-1178 - Hadoop - [issue]
...This is the Common part of HDFS-1178....    Author: Kan Zhang , 2011-12-12, 06:18
[HADOOP-6912] Guard against NPE when calling UGI.isLoginKeytabBased() - Hadoop - [issue]
...NPE can happen when isLoginKeytabBased() is called before a login is performed. See MAPREDUCE-1992 for an example....    Author: Kan Zhang , 2011-11-15, 00:50
[HADOOP-6373] adding delegation token implementation - Hadoop - [issue]
...The over-all design of delegation token is given in HADOOP-4343. This subtask is for detailed design and implementation....    Author: Kan Zhang , 2011-08-11, 20:22
[HADOOP-4343] Adding user and service-to-service authentication to Hadoop - Hadoop - [issue]
...Currently, Hadoop services do not authenticate users or other services. As a result, Hadoop is subject to the following security risks.1. A user can access an HDFS or M/R cluster as any othe...    Author: Kan Zhang , 2011-08-11, 18:10