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[HADOOP-12640] Code Review AccessControlList - Hadoop - [issue]
...After some confusion of my own, in particular with "mapreduce.job.acl-view-job," I have looked over the AccessControlList implementation and cleaned it up and clarified a few points.1) I add...    Author: BELUGA BEHR , 2018-10-22, 21:29
[HADOOP-15871] Some input streams does not obey "" contract - Hadoop - [issue]
...E.g,  DFSInputStream  and S3AInputStream return the size of the remaining available bytes, but the javadoc of "available" says it should "Returns an estimate of the number of bytes...    Author: Shixiong Zhu , 2018-10-22, 21:28
[HADOOP-15870] S3AInputStream.remainingInFile should use nextReadPos - Hadoop - [issue]
...Otherwise `remainingInFile` will not change after `seek`....    Author: Shixiong Zhu , 2018-10-22, 21:12
[HADOOP-15364] Add support for S3 Select to S3A - Hadoop - [issue]
...Expect a PoC patch for this in a couple of days; it'll depend on an SDK update to work, plus a couple of of other minor changes Adds command line option toohadoop s3guard select -header use...    Author: Steve Loughran , 2018-10-22, 20:03
[HADOOP-15869] BlockDecompressorStream#decompress should not return -1 in case of IOException. - Hadoop - [issue]
...BlockDecompressorStream#decompress() return -1 in case of BlockMissingException. Application which is using BlockDecompressorStream may think file is empty and proceed further. But actually ...    Author: Surendra Singh Lilhore , 2018-10-22, 18:48
[HADOOP-15864] Job submitter / executor fail when SBN domain name can not resolved - Hadoop - [issue]
...Job submit failure and Task executes failure if Standby NameNode domain name can not resolved on HDFS HA with DelegationToken feature.This issue is triggered when create ConfiguredFailoverPr...    Author: He Xiaoqiao , 2018-10-22, 18:12
[HADOOP-15856] Trunk build fails to compile native on Windows - Hadoop - [issue]
...After removal of javah dependency in HADOOP-15767Trunk build fails with unable to find JNI headers.HADOOP-15767 fixed javah isssue with JDK10 only for linux builds....    Author: Vinayakumar B , 2018-10-22, 15:53
[expand - 24 more] - Hadoop 3.2 Release Plan proposal - Hadoop - [mail # dev]
...its in.good catch!On 20 Oct 2018, at 01:35, Wei-Chiu Chuang > wrote:Thanks Sunil G for driving the release,I filed HADOOP-15866 for a compat fix. If any one has cycle please review it, as...
   Author: Steve Loughran , Wei-Chiu Chuang , ... , 2018-10-22, 12:01
[HADOOP-15866] Renamed HADOOP_SECURITY_GROUP_SHELL_COMMAND_TIMEOUT keys break compatibility - Hadoop - [issue]
...Our internal tool found HADOOP-15523 breaks public API compatibility:class CommonConfigurationKeysPublic ChangeEffect1Field HADOOP_SECURITY_GROUP_SHELL_COMMAND_TIMEOUT_SECS has been renamed ...    Author: Wei-Chiu Chuang , 2018-10-22, 11:33
[HADOOP-15523] Shell command timeout given is in seconds whereas it is taken as millisec while scheduling - Hadoop - [issue]
...ShellBasedUnixGroupsMapping has a property to control how long to wait for the fetch groups command which can be configured in seconds. but while...    Author: Bilwa S T , 2018-10-22, 10:14