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[KAFKA-10071] TopicCommand tool should make more efficient metadata calls to Kafka Servers - Kafka - [issue]
...This is a follow up from discussion of. KAFKA-9945 alter, describe, delete all pull down the entire topic list today, in order to support regex matc...    Author: Vinoth Chandar , 2020-05-30, 02:08
[KAFKA-10055] Add shared internal utility class for Streams module - Kafka - [issue]
...Throughout the code base we added small helper methods (usually static) when needed. Those helpers are often added to classes they don't really belong to (out of convenience) and may lead to...    Author: Matthias J. Sax , 2020-05-30, 00:46
[KAFKA-10068] Verify HighAvailabilityTaskAssignor performance with large clusters and topologies - Kafka - [issue]
...While reviewing, I realized that we should have a similar test to make sure that the new task assignor completes well within the default assig...    Author: John Roesler , 2020-05-30, 00:33
[KAFKA-9313] Set default for client.dns.lookup to use_all_dns_ips - Kafka - [issue]
...The default setting of the configuration parameter client.dns.lookup is not use_all_dns_ips .  Consequently, by default, if there are multiple IP addresses and the first one fails, the conne...    Author: Yeva Byzek , 2020-05-30, 00:31
[KAFKA-10030] Throw exception while fetching a key from a single partition - Kafka - [issue]
...StreamThreadStateStoreProvider#stores throws exception whenever taskId is not found, which is not correct behaviour in multi-threaded env where state store partitions are distributed among s...    Author: Dima R , 2020-05-29, 23:41
[KAFKA-10062] Add a method to retrieve the current timestamp as known by the Streams app - Kafka - [issue]
...Please add to the ProcessorContext a method to retrieve current timestamp compatible with Punctuator#punctate(long) method.Proposal in ProcessorContext:long getTimestamp(PunctuationType type...    Author: Piotr Smolinski , 2020-05-29, 23:40
[KAFKA-10066] TopologyTestDriver isn't taking record headers into account during de/serialization - Kafka - [issue]
...When testing a Kafka stream we need the TopologyTestDriver.createOutputTopic to take record headers into account.Is it possible to use the record headers when deserialising when using the To...    Author: Stefaan Dutry , 2020-05-29, 23:35
[KAFKA-9494] Include data type of the config in ConfigEntry - Kafka - [issue]
...Why this request?To provide better validation. Including the data type can significantly improve the validation on client side (be it web or cli or any other client). In the absence of `type...    Author: Shailesh Panwar , 2020-05-29, 22:30
[KAFKA-8104] Consumer cannot rejoin to the group after rebalancing - Kafka - [issue]
...TL;DR; KafkaConsumer cannot rejoin to the group due to inconsistent AbstractCoordinator.generation (which is NO_GENERATION and AbstractCoordinator.joinFuture (which is succeeded RequestFutur...    Author: Gregory Koshelev , 2020-05-29, 22:21
[KAFKA-9841] Connector and Task duplicated when a worker join with old generation assignment - Kafka - [issue]
...When using IncrementalCooperativeAssignor.class to assign connectors and tasks.Suppose there is a worker 'W' got some connection issue with the coordinator.During the connection issue, the c...    Author: Yu Wang , 2020-05-29, 21:59