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Tumbling Time Window - Kafka - [mail # user]
...Hi All,I'm trying to create a tumbling time window of two seconds using PAPI. Ihave a TimestampWindowStore with both retention and window size as 2seconds and retainDuplicates as false.Store...
   Author: Navneeth Krishnan , 2019-10-15, 07:56
[KAFKA-9043] Problem committing offsets when using consumer subscribe and assign method on different topics with same - Kafka - [issue]
...I am using a consumer with "myGroup" on an empty topic "election" with 24 partitions in subscribe mode. The poll loop is a noop and is for rebalancing only. On new assigments (only ...    Author: Michael Arndt , 2019-10-15, 07:43
[KAFKA-4133] Provide a configuration to control consumer max in-flight fetches - Kafka - [issue]
...With KIP-74, we now have a good way to limit the size of fetch responses, but it may still be difficult for users to control overall memory since the consumer will send fetches in parallel t...    Author: Jason Gustafson , 2019-10-15, 07:12
[KAFKA-9011] Add KStream#flatTransform and KStream#flatTransformValues to Scala API - Kafka - [issue]
...Part of KIP-313: ...    Author: Alex Kokachev , 2019-10-15, 07:04
[KAFKA-4422] Drop support for Scala 2.10 (KIP-119) - Kafka - [issue]
...Now that Scala 2.12 has been released, we should drop support for Scala 2.10  in the next major Kafka version so that we keep the number of supported versions at 2. Since we have to com...    Author: Ismael Juma , 2019-10-15, 06:24
[KAFKA-9042] Auto infer external topic partitions in stream reset tool - Kafka - [issue]
...As of today, user has to specify `--input-topic` in the stream reset to be able to reset offset to a specific position. For a stream job with multiple external topics that needs to be purged...    Author: Boyang Chen , 2019-10-15, 06:12
[KAFKA-8671] NullPointerException occurs if topic associated with GlobalKTable changes - Kafka - [issue]
...The following NullPointerException occurs when the global/.checkpoint file contains a line with a topic previously associated with (but no longer configured for) a GlobalKTable:java.lang.Nul...    Author: Alex Leung , 2019-10-15, 05:02
[KAFKA-8967] Flaky test kafka.api.SaslSslAdminClientIntegrationTest.testCreateTopicsResponseMetadataAndConfig - Kafka - [issue] org.apache.kafka.common.errors.UnknownTopicOrPartitionException: This server does not host this topic-partition. at org.apache.kafka.common.internals...    Author: Stanislav Kozlovski , 2019-10-15, 04:47
[KAFKA-9022] Flaky Test KTableKTableForeignKeyJoinIntegrationTest. doInnerJoinFilterOutRapidlyChangingForeignKeyValues - Kafka - [issue]
...array lengths differed, expected.length=2 actual.length=1; arrays first differed at element [0]; expected:<KeyValue(3, value1=9.99,value2=90)> but was:<KeyValue(3, value1=1....    Author: Sophie Blee-Goldman , 2019-10-15, 04:45
[KAFKA-8264] Flaky Test PlaintextConsumerTest#testLowMaxFetchSizeForRequestAndPartition - Kafka - [issue]
... Topic 'topic3' already exists.STDOUT &...    Author: Matthias J. Sax , 2019-10-15, 04:44