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[expand - 1 more] - Missing Tidy Bot comments? - Kudu - [mail # dev]
...Thanks for fixing that issue Adar!MikeOn Tue, Sep 18, 2018 at 1:40 PM Adar Lieber-Dembo wrote:> I just fixed an issue that prevented some patches from receiving Tidy> Bot comments. If ...
   Author: Mike Percy , Adar Lieber-Dembo , ... , 2018-09-18, 22:31
[KUDU-2575] kudu query return wrong results - Kudu - [issue]
...impala> CREATE TABLE test1( name string, description string, xtype int, PRIMARY KEY(name) ) STORED AS kudu;impala> insert into `test1` (`name`,`description`,`xtype`) values ("t1:a\"'xb...    Author: jim zh , 2018-09-18, 17:51
[KUDU-2583] LeakSanitizer failure in kudu-admin-test - Kudu - [issue]
...Saw this error in an automated test run from kudu-admin-test in DDLDuringRebalancingTest.TablesCreatedAndDeletedDuringRebalancing/0:==27773==ERROR: LeakSanitizer: detected memory leaks Direc...    Author: Mike Percy , 2018-09-18, 17:38
[KUDU-2437] Split a tablet into primary key ranges by size - Kudu - [issue]
...When reading data in a kudu table using spark, if there is a large amount of data in the tablet, reading the data takes a long time. The reason is that KuduRDD uses a tablet to generate the ...    Author: Xu Yao , 2018-09-18, 17:04
[KUDU-2579] Failure in GetLoggedInUser() may cause a RPC client to fail negotiation - Kudu - [issue]
...GetLoggedInUser() may fail when calling getpwuid_r():Error calling getpwuid_r(): No such file or directory (error 2). In which case, a newly created Proxy object may have an empty username i...    Author: Michael Ho , 2018-09-18, 02:04
[KUDU-2559] kudu-tool-test TestLoadgenDatabaseName fails with a memory leak - Kudu - [issue]
...I've attached a log with the LeakSanitizer error, though looking at the test itself and the error, it isn't clear to me why the issue would be specific to this test....    Author: Andrew Wong , 2018-09-18, 00:18
[KUDU-2582] Locks are acquired to cost much time in transactions - Kudu - [issue]
...Hi guys, I met a problem about the keys locks that almost impacts the service normal writing.As we all know, a transaction which get all row_key locks will go on next step in kudu. Everythin...    Author: , 2018-09-17, 23:19
[KUDU-2563] Spark integration should use the scanner keep-alive API - Kudu - [issue]
...The Spark integration should implement the scanner keep-alive API like the Impala scanner does in order to avoid errors related to scanners timing out....    Author: Mike Percy , 2018-09-15, 22:30
[KUDU-2095] Add scanner keepAlive method to the java client - Kudu - [issue]
...when I use kudu java client,I need to make scanner to keepAlive in my usage case。But I can not find this method in java client; On the other hand,I found kudu::client::KuduScanner::KeepAlive...    Author: zhangguangqiang , 2018-09-15, 22:29
[KUDU-2578] Make master and tserver to print out non-default values of flags specified in --flagfile as well - Kudu - [issue]
...Kudu masters and tablet servers print out non-default values for all the specified run-time flags.  However, some flags might still be hidden if they were specified in gflagfile.  ...    Author: Alexey Serbin , 2018-09-14, 20:50