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[LENS-1486] Disable test case testQueryAliveOnSessionClose - Lens - [issue]
...TestQueryIndependenceFromSessionClose.testQueryAliveOnSessionClose is failing in past few builds, commenting it temporarily to make the build pass....    Author: Sushil Mohanty , 2017-11-21, 10:32
Report for November,2017 - Lens - [mail # dev]
...+1On Fri, Nov 10, 2017 at 1:12 PM, Raghavendra Singh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:> +1>> On Fri, Nov 10, 2017 at 1:10 PM, Puneet Gupta > wrote:>> > +1> >> &g...
   Author: Sushil Mohanty , 2017-11-10, 08:21
[LENS-1478] Queries with partial data set as false lookahead not working - Lens - [issue]
...For queries with set lookahead queries partitions are not getting resolved and the being rewritten same as input time_range_in function. This resul...    Author: Sushil Mohanty , 2017-09-19, 09:42
[LENS-1477] Change default measure value to "0" instead of "0.0" in union queries - Lens - [issue]
...Changing this value to "0", so data type conversion of integer with double can be avoided....    Author: Sushil Mohanty , 2017-09-18, 11:17
[LENS-1476] Order By clause is not rewritten correctly when column is wrapped with function - Lens - [issue]
...Order by clauses like to_date(datecol) is not not rewritten properly in the final union query....    Author: Sushil Mohanty , 2017-09-14, 10:04
[LENS-1419] UnionCandidates getting pruned when only dim attributes projected - Lens - [issue]
...In current code there is a bug which prunes all UnionCandidates when only dim attributes selected....    Author: Sushil Mohanty , 2017-08-21, 15:09
[LENS-1403] Measures getting repeated in inner select of union query - Lens - [issue]
...Measure columns are getting repeated if its queried multiple times in the same query eg: same measure can be part of select and having clause....    Author: Sushil Mohanty , 2017-08-21, 12:50
[LENS-1264] Group by promotion not happening with aggregate dim attributes - Lens - [issue]
...<expression name="distinct_users" _type="BIGINT" display_string="Distinct Users"><expr_spec expr="count(distinct(user))"/></expression>cube query : query execute cube selec...    Author: Sushil Mohanty , 2017-08-21, 10:54
[LENS-1420] Bug fixes in cube segmentation final rewritten query - Lens - [issue]
...Found the below issues in fact-to-fact union and cube  segmentation rewritten query.1. Expressions used in having clause are not resolved in the final rewritten query incase of picked c...    Author: Sushil Mohanty , 2017-08-21, 10:47
[LENS-974] Add cube-segmentation for base cube - Lens - [issue]
...With cube segmentation a cube can have multiple cubes and all these child cubes together will make the cube complete. CubeSegmentation and  CubeFactTable will sit together, which means ...    Author: Sushil Mohanty , 2017-08-21, 09:41