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[MADLIB-1055] Madlib Installation fails on Ubuntu 16.04 - MADlib - [issue]
...I have been struggling to install Apache Madlib on Ubuntu 16.04 for quite some time, but it doesn't seem to compile  either by using PGXN or from source directly.This happened both in 1...    Author: P Ranjan , 2018-10-03, 21:44
[MADLIB-1256] Support for Ubuntu - MADlib - [issue]
...StoryAs a MADlib developer, I want to support Ubuntuso thatMADlib can support the most popular Linux distro.Notes Suggest we start with 16.04 Suggest we support PostgreSQL and Greenplum 5.x ...    Author: Frank McQuillan , 2018-10-03, 21:43
[MADLIB-1273] Support AO tables in Greenplum in a way that does not conflict with GUC `gp_default_storage_options` - MADlib - [issue]    Author: Frank McQuillan , 2018-10-03, 21:40
[MADLIB-1279] Missing node for graph in-out degrees - MADlib - [issue]
...MADlib seems to consider destination-side vertex only. If any vertex just exists in a source side and not in a destination side, then such vertex has no result for 'In-Out Degree' ,with or w...    Author: Frank McQuillan , 2018-10-03, 21:38
[MADLIB-1272] Simplify Nesterov by performing velocity update in previous iteration - MADlib - [issue]
...Momentum updates are complicated due to Nesterov requiring an initial update before gradient calculations. There is, however, a different form of the Nesterov update that can be cleanly perf...    Author: Rahul Iyer , 2018-10-03, 17:35
[MADLIB-1275] dev-check user doesn't have right privilege to create/drop table - MADlib - [issue]
...Repro: login to your databaseset search_path=madlib,public,"$user";manually create a table "vertex":DROP TABLE IF EXISTS vertex, "EDGE";CREATE TABLE vertex(id INTEGER);INSERT INTO verte...    Author: Jingyi Mei , 2018-10-02, 23:43
[MADLIB-910] URI Utilities - MADlib - [issue]
...StoryAs a data scientist, I want to perform URI operations on my data, so that I can prepare it for input to predictive analytics algorithms.DetailsProposed functionality : Parse a URI into ...    Author: Frank McQuillan , 2018-10-01, 19:31
[MADLIB-1277] How to install PostgrSQL 10.5 with Madlib 1.15 on Solaris 11 - MADlib - [issue]
...Solaris is not easy to adapt after using CentOS for a long time. So, I come here for help.I installed Madlib with  source code,which was downloaded  from [Official website|http://madlib.apac...    Author: hrxu , 2018-09-27, 17:52
[MADLIB-1145] Ubuntu 16.04 - Using GCC 5 (default gcc) causes Postgres 9.6 crash - MADlib - [issue]
...Upon analysis of MADLIB-1068, it was determined that the GCC 5 compiler which is available on Ubuntu 16.04 causes MADlib to produce a Postgres 9.6 crash. This JIRA will capture the GCC 5 iss...    Author: Ed Espino , 2018-09-26, 22:01
[MADLIB-877] unable to properly compile c module - MADlib - [issue]
...hi,I am trying to add a new C module called dbscan.I added my c files in src/modules/dbscanhere is a snap from the main header file of file dbscan_main.h: #include "link_linkedlist.h" #inclu...    Author: Mohamed Awad , 2018-09-26, 17:14