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SysLog Parser in Metron - Metron - [mail # user]
...Hello Farrukh,Our team was able to report simple Dionaea alerts to Metron using syslog v8  (not encrypted).The source code for our project is here:
   Author: Ahmed Shah , 2017-10-25, 14:29
Metron Installation - Metron - [mail # user]
...Hello Syed ,For the EC2 deployment I was able to deploy using ClearOS (A distro of CentOS).The following are instructions (work in progress) that tried to account my experience:https://githu...
   Author: Ahmed Shah , 2017-09-15, 15:21
Assign issue to user (754: METRON-1184 , 713: METRON-1130 ) - Metron - [mail # dev]
...Hello,I recently submitted a new PR and JIRA Issue.According to the dev  guidelines, if I'm not able to assign the issue to my self I should send an email to dev@metron.Can the followin...
   Author: Ahmed Shah , 2017-09-13, 19:02
Metron 0.4.1 rc2 - Amazon EC2 - Unable to deploy - Metron - [mail # user]
...Hello,I'm able to repeatably deploy Metron 0.4.0 to EC2 using my Linux environment (npm 3.10.10, node 6.11.1, docker 1.12.6, mvn 3.3.9, ansible, No Vagrant, ClearOS[Distro of CentOS]...
   Author: Ahmed Shah , 2017-09-08, 08:25
Getting Started - Metron - [mail # user]
...Hello Khurram,I found the following (posted on Feb 2017): includes instructions for installing Nifi and...
   Author: Ahmed Shah , 2017-09-08, 06:39
Question: Metron EC2 Deployment - Changing Hostnames - Metron - [mail # user]
...Hello,This question is with respect to the Amazon EC2 deployment of Metron.I am wondering how to change the "hostnames" of the VMs (see pics as as how they appear in Ambari) from public_dns_...
   Author: Ahmed Shah , 2017-08-30, 15:58
Apache Metron and STIX - Metron - [mail # user]
...Hello,Just wondering if Metron is able to ingest STIX 2.0 formatted data.I came across the following link: there any other Me...
   Author: Ahmed Shah , 2017-08-18, 17:26
Upcoming Metron Events & Groups - Metron - [mail # user]
...Hello,Just wondering if anyone knows of any upcoming Metron events or Metron groups.The last posted event in the link below was last year.
   Author: Ahmed Shah , 2017-08-03, 14:08