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[ZEPPELIN-3701] Missing first several '0' and losing digital accuracy in result table - Zeppelin - [issue]
...When using jdbc interpreter :1.When select data like '00058806' from database, the result displayed like '58806' (all '0' before '5' is missing).2.When select data like '5880658806'(length &...    Author: Deegue , 2018-09-20, 01:34
[expand - 1 more] - Zeppelin 0.8.0 on Secondary NN (CDH) - Zeppelin - [mail # user]
...Never mind, my zeppelin binaries were somehow corrupt. After fresh downloadand install, all is good. :}On Wed, Sep 19, 2018 at 3:44 PM, Abhi Basu  wrote:> Do I need to use the IP add...
   Author: Abhi Basu , 2018-09-19, 21:02
[ZEPPELIN-3783] java.lang.RuntimeException: Can not convert this type of property: class - Zeppelin - [issue]
...Hi, using Hortonworks here. After restarting zeppelin from Ambari, I getError 503 HTTP ERROR: 503Problem accessing /. Reason:Service Unavailable  Error in logs is as followsINFO [2018-09-18 ...    Author: Saif Addin , 2018-09-19, 17:12
[ZEPPELIN-3633] ZeppelinContext Not Found in yarn-cluster Mode - Zeppelin - [issue]
...Hi all, Thanks for the 0.8.0 release!We’re keen to take advantage of the yarn-cluster support to take the pressure off our Zeppelin host. However, I am having some trouble with it. The first...    Author: Chris Penny , 2018-09-19, 14:00
[ZEPPELIN-3610] Cluster Raft module design - Zeppelin - [issue]
...By using the Raft protocol, multiple Zeppelin-Server groups are built into a Zeppelin cluster, the cluster State Machine is maintained through the Raft protocol, and the services in the clus...    Author: Xun Liu , 2018-09-19, 09:14
[ZEPPELIN-3781] Bump up version of npm packages - Zeppelin - [issue]
...The goal of this JIRA is to track bump up version on babel, karma-coverage, protractor, and webpack-dev-server packages....    Author: Prabhjyot Singh , 2018-09-19, 08:54
[ZEPPELIN-3784] Cluster server node and process management page - Zeppelin - [issue]
...Cluster server node and process management pageIn cluster mode, You can view the status of all servers in the cluster and the interpreter processes running in each server through the cluster...    Author: Xun Liu , 2018-09-19, 07:58
[ZEPPELIN-3782] Progress animation uses an inordinate amount of system resources. - Zeppelin - [issue]
...The blue progress-bar animation, which is displayed whenever a paragraph is evaluated, uses an inordinate amount of resources on my system.Running this animation consumes the entire resource...    Author: johan be , 2018-09-18, 14:08
[ZEPPELIN-3780] Wanted to access python variable from markdown code in same notebook - Zeppelin - [issue]
...Hii,Greetings,Wanted to access python variable from markdown code in same notebook. how to do it and what are settings please confirm on my email asap.Thank you,Shubham  ...    Author: shubham sharma , 2018-09-18, 11:58
[ZEPPELIN-3773] Disable commit paragraph if there are no permissions - Zeppelin - [issue]
...Sometimes when drawing the result of a paragraph, a call is made commit paragraph. And if the user does not have permission on write paragraph  a window appears with a warning....    Author: Aleksey Savelenko , 2018-09-18, 08:33