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[expand - 1 more] - write access to the Hive wiki? - Hive - [mail # dev]
...Hi Sean,  I added you to the Hive wiki ACL.  Thanks.  Carl  On Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 11:48 AM, Sean Busbey  wrote:  > Hi All! > > Could I have write acce...
   Author: Carl Steinbach , Sean Busbey , ... , 2013-01-02, 23:56
Multi threads updating single row - Cassandra - [mail # user]
...Happy New Year Everyone..!  In the situation, there are multiple client thread updating or adding new columns in a same row. These new columns is a time series data.  My Question i...
   Author: Jay Svc , 2013-01-02, 23:55
[HBASE-7465] CleanerChore shouldn't leak IOException for failed delete of non-empty directory - HBase - [issue]
...CleanerChore has the following lines:    // if all the children have been deleted, then we should try to delete this directory. However,    // don't do so recursively so ...    Author: Jesse Yates , 2013-01-02, 23:54
[ANNOUNCE] Apache Flume 1.3.1 released - Flume - [mail # dev]
...The Apache Flume team is pleased to announce the release of Flume version 1.3.1.  Flume is a distributed, reliable, and available service for efficiently collecting, aggregating, and mo...
   Author: Hari Shreedharan , 2013-01-02, 23:53
[expand - 11 more] - [ANNOUNCE] New Apache HBase Committers - Matteo Bertozzi and Chunhui Shen - HBase - [mail # dev]
...Congrats Matteo and Chunhui, glad to have you on board. Don't break the 0.94 tests :)   -- Lars   ----- Original Message ----- From: Jonathan Hsieh  To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]; [EM...
   Author: lars hofhansl , Elliott Clark , ... , 2013-01-02, 23:48
ANN: The 1st hbase 0.94.4 release candidate is available for download - HBase - [mail # dev]
...FYI. I'm sinking this because of HBASE-7467 (and partially because of HBASE-7442, and HBASE-7466). Expect a new RC soon.  -- Lars ________________________________ From: lars hofhansl &n...
   Author: lars hofhansl , 2013-01-02, 23:43
[ZOOKEEPER-1614] zoo_multi c MT client windows crash - ZooKeeper - [issue]
...The windows C MultiThreaded client crashes when usng the zoo_multi APis.  The underlying is that the mutex and condition variables need to be initialized with pthread_cond_init and pthr...    Author: Richard Dermer , 2013-01-02, 23:42
Contributing Organizations - Accumulo - [mail # dev]
...I see 3 proponents and 0 opponents of this idea. Can we put it to a vote?  Dave  -----Original Message----- From: Dave Marion [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]  Sent: Wednesday, Dece...
   Author: Dave Marion , 2013-01-02, 23:42
Column Family migration/tombstones - Cassandra - [mail # user]
...> 1) As one can imagine, the index and bloom filter for this column family is large.  Am I correct to assume that bloom filter and index space will not be reduced until after gc_grac...
   Author: aaron morton , 2013-01-02, 23:41
AccumuloInputFormat.setRanges - Accumulo - [mail # dev]
...Using AccumuloInputFormat.setRanges(conf, someRange), should I expect that the Key,Values as input to the Map method will be restricted to those keys in the set contained in someRange?  ...
   Author: Seastrom, Jessica K , 2013-01-02, 23:30