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[PIG-3107] bin and autocomplete are missing in src release - Pig - [issue]    Author: Daniel Dai , 2013-01-06, 23:57
[PIG-2711] e2e harness: cache benchmark results between test runs - Pig - [issue]
...It will be helpful to be able to store the benchmark results that are computed with "old pig" and reuse in subsequent runs....    Author: Thomas Weise , 2013-01-06, 23:57
[PIG-2792] Wonderdog stopped working in Pig 0.10.0 (worked in 0.9.2) - Pig - [issue]
...The Pig UDFs in Wonderdog for ElasticSearch integration, which worked in 0.9.2 stopped working in 0.10.0.Now in 0.10.0 there is an error, as Wonderdog is unable to read its configuration fro...    Author: Russell Jurney , 2013-01-06, 23:57
[PIG-3035] With latest version of hadoop23 pig does not return the correct exception stack trace from backend - Pig - [issue]
...With latest version of hadoop, the job failure shown to user is always Container killed by the ApplicationMaster. For eg: "Backend error : Unable to recreate exception from backed error: Att...    Author: Rohini Palaniswamy , 2013-01-06, 23:57
[PIG-2721] Wrong output generated while loading bags as input - Pig - [issue]
...A = LOAD '/user/pvivek/sample' as (id:chararray,mybag:bag{tuple(bttype:chararray,cat:long)});B = foreach A generate id,FLATTEN(mybag) AS (bttype, cat);C = order B by id;dump C;The above code...    Author: Vivek Padmanabhan , 2013-01-06, 23:57
[PIG-2797] Tests should not create their own file URIs through string concatenation, should use Util.generateURI instead - Pig - [issue]
...A number of pig tests create URIs via string concatenation when they are trying to load files with something like:commandString = "load file:" + fileName + " using "...This should just use t...    Author: John Gordon , 2013-01-06, 23:57
[PIG-2666] LoadFunc.setLocation() is not called when pig script only has Order By - Pig - [issue]
...HCatLoader.setLocation() needs setLocation() called on the frontend. This doesn't happen with this pig script:A = LOAD 'foo' USING org.apache.hcatalog.pig.HCatLoader();B = ORDER A BY id;DUMP...    Author: Francis Liu , 2013-01-06, 23:57
[PIG-2670] glitches on copyright years in documentation - Pig - [issue]
...There are several places in Pig site still use "Copyright © 2007". Should be "Copyright © 2011-2012". Thanks Lefty Leverenz point it out....    Author: Daniel Dai , 2013-01-06, 23:57
[PIG-2912] Pig should clone JobConf while creating JobContextImpl and TaskAttemptContextImpl in Hadoop23 - Pig - [issue]
...There is change in the semantics ofJobContext::JobContext(Configuration, JobID). While in .20, the Config wascloned, in .23 the Config is adopted (if it's a JobConf). This causes the sameCon...    Author: Rohini Palaniswamy , 2013-01-06, 23:57
[PIG-2960] Increase the timeout for unit test - Pig - [issue]
...Unit test under Windows is slower, some of unit tests cannot finish in time. Increase timeout....    Author: Daniel Dai , 2013-01-06, 23:57