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[SYSTEMML-2012] Perftest for all algorithm classes for 80MB-80GB - SystemML - [issue]
...This task aims to validate all algorithm classes to run without errors or major performance issues for the test sizes 80MB - 80GB on synthetic data....    Author: Matthias Boehm , 2017-12-02, 23:54
[SYSTEMML-1879] Parfor remote spark w/ reuse of shared inputs - SystemML - [issue]
...Currently, we read shared inputs redundantly in each parfor worker. This causes redundant read and is unnecessarily memory-inefficient.This task aims to read shared inputs once per process a...    Author: Matthias Boehm , 2017-12-02, 23:47
[SYSTEMML-1859] Function calls with extraneous input arguments allowed - SystemML - [issue]
...Even though the following function only takes one input argument, if it is called with multiple input arguments, the extraneous arguments are ignored rather than throwing an error:triple = f...    Author: Deron Eriksson , 2017-12-02, 23:47
[SYSTEMML-1421] Removal unnecessary Java 7 checks and warnings - SystemML - [issue]    Author: Matthias Boehm , 2017-12-02, 23:45
Questions re: customizing a NiFi processor - NiFi - [mail # dev]
...Good evening. I am familiar with NiFi and have developed a number ofworkflows using out -of-the-box processors. I now need to develop a customversion of PublishAMQP that permits the use of a...
   Author: James McMahon , 2017-12-02, 23:44
end2end tests - Calcite - [mail # dev]
...Hello fellow calcite dev team,I am building a database with use of calcite framework and decided thatinstead of simple unit tests I will go only with integration tests. This isdue the fact t...
   Author: ptr.bojko@... , 2017-12-02, 23:40
[SYSTEMML-1345] Remove unnecessary cp/spark instruction patching - SystemML - [issue]    Author: Matthias Boehm , 2017-12-02, 23:28
[SYSTEMML-1335] Updated deprecated conf parameters - SystemML - [issue]
...WARN spark.SparkConf: The configuration key 'spark.akka.frameSize' has been deprecated as of Spark 1.6 and may be removed in the future. Please use the new key 'spark.rpc.message.maxSize' in...    Author: Matthias Boehm , 2017-12-02, 23:28
[SYSTEMML-1929] Update deploy-mode in and docs - SystemML - [issue]
...Update to use --deploy-mode instead of deprecated parameters.  Also update references in documentation (e.g., spark-batch-mode)....    Author: Glenn Weidner , 2017-12-02, 23:27
[SYSTEMML-1544] Parfor constrained optimizer dp decision unaware of forced mode - SystemML - [issue]
...The constrained parfor optimizer selects the data partitioning strategy without awareness for forced execution types which can lead to unnecessary out-of-memory errors if the dataset is part...    Author: Matthias Boehm , 2017-12-02, 23:24