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java driver/shutdown call - Mesos - [mail # user]
...Folks,I am trying to change Apache Aurora's code to call SHUTDOWN instead ofKILL. However, it seems that the SchedulerDriver class in Mesos does nothave a shutdownExecutor() call.https://git...
   Author: Mohit Jaggi , 2018-01-05, 23:38
[expand - 1 more] - presentation and setup issue with intellij - Calcite - [mail # dev]
...I use a MacBook with this JDK /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_92and Intellij 2017.3.2 and i can build Calcite from master branch.Try to run `mvn clean install -DskipTests` might h...
   Author: Slim Bouguerra , Alessandro Solimando , ... , 2018-01-05, 23:36
[IMPALA-6355] dcheck failure for decimal asan tests - Impala - [issue]
...asf core asan tests have two new backend failures, likely introduced by either of these recent commits: (for IMPALA-5014)    Author: Vuk Ercegovac , 2018-01-05, 23:33
[expand - 5 more] - new Kudu benchmarks - Kudu - [mail # user]
...Thanks very much Todd, perfectly clear on both counts.Yeah, as a convention we will only be exposing views toanalysts/report-writers/bi-tools (for several reasons), so having as longin under...
   Author: Mauricio Aristizabal , Todd Lipcon , ... , 2018-01-05, 23:28
[HIVE-17239] HoS doesn't trigger mapjoins against subquery with union all - Hive - [issue]
...HoS doesn't trigger map-joins for the following query:EXPLAIN SELECT * FROM (SELECT part_col FROM partitioned_table1 UNION ALL SELECTpart_col FROM partitioned_table2) q1 JOIN regular_table1 ...    Author: Sahil Takiar , 2018-01-05, 23:23
[IMPALA-6362] Queries don't make progress due to what seems like a memory reservation deadlock while running the stress tests - Impala - [issue]
...Queries stopped making progress, many of the fragment threads are trying to increase or decrease memory reservation and non of those threads is making progress.Did some quick analysis on the...    Author: Mostafa Mokhtar , 2018-01-05, 23:19
[NIFI-4649] FlattenJson processor - NiFi - [issue]
...Users have requested a processor that can flatten a JSON record into a simple key/value pair document no matter how nested it is....    Author: Mike Thomsen , 2018-01-05, 23:16
Indexing for lots of numbers - Cassandra - [mail # user]
...Hello,  Let's say I have a table that has one column with a unique id as aprimary key, and then hundreds of columns of floats, although a largefraction of cells are empty.  I want ...
   Author: Oliver Ruebenacker , 2018-01-05, 23:15
[ZOOKEEPER-2942] All 3.4.11 documentation links on site return 404 - ZooKeeper - [issue]
... and links under that location all return 404, including the Release Notes link on under "9 November, 2017: r...    Author: Jack Foy , 2018-01-05, 23:08
[expand - 1 more] - Insanely long recovery time with Kafka - Kafka - [mail # user]
...What do the broker logs say its doing during all that time?There are some consumer offset / log cleaner bugs which caused us similarlylog delays. that was easily visible by watching the log ...
   Author: Brett Rann , Vincent Rischmann , ... , 2018-01-05, 23:02