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[KAFKA-6250] Kafka Connect requires permission to create internal topics even if they exist - Kafka - [issue]
...When using Kafka Connect with a cluster that doesn't allow the user to create topics (due to ACL configuration), Connect fails when trying to create its internal topics, even if these topics...    Author: Gavrie Philipson , 2018-01-11, 23:56
[expand - 1 more] - New JIRA - Commit messages - Ambari - [mail # dev]
...Hi Nate,I find the addition of (username) to commit messages as redundant, sincethe user who contributed can be identified from the "Author" tag in gitcommand line. I use "git log --grep=AMB...
   Author: Vivek Ratnavel , Nate Cole , ... , 2018-01-11, 23:50
[expand - 2 more] - Kinesis Connectors - With Temporary Credentials - Flink - [mail # user]
...No, they are not but we can definitely look into that.If no, is there a workaround to implement or customize AWS Utils?Thank you> On Jan 11, 2018, at 6:41 PM, Tzu-Li (Gordon) Tai  wr...
   Author: sreenath kodedala , Tzu-Li , ... , 2018-01-11, 23:46
[IMPALA-3889] Remove BufferVal examples from UDF examples - Impala - [issue]
...The Impala UDF development kit includes some examples of UDAFs with a BufferVal type. This was never actually implemented, so is fairly confusing....    Author: Tim Armstrong , 2018-01-11, 23:44
[IMPALA-6155] TPC-DS Q77A is not deterministic - Impala - [issue]
...See query is sorted by the first two columns but there are duplicate values in those columns, so th...    Author: Tim Armstrong , 2018-01-11, 23:42
[ARROW-1980] [Python] Race condition in `write_to_dataset` - Arrow - [issue]
...One race condition when creating directories was fixed in #1902, but a race condition still exists when using `partition_cols`....    Author: Jim Crist , 2018-01-11, 23:39
[ARROW-1945] [C++] Fix doxygen documentation of array.h - Arrow - [issue]
...this is just a small fix in doxygen documentation of the c++ api...    Author: Viktor Gal , 2018-01-11, 23:39
[ARROW-1977] [C++] Update windows dev docs - Arrow - [issue]
...I'll submit a PR specify python3 in conda env otherwise some `vc9` packages get picked up use %CONDA_PREFIX% in defining env...    Author: Chris Bartak , 2018-01-11, 23:38
[ARROW-1944] FindArrow has wrong ARROW_STATIC_LIB - Arrow - [issue]
...It seems that in should be replaced with  ARROW_...    Author: Philipp Moritz , 2018-01-11, 23:36
Structured Streaming with S3 file source duplicates data because of eventual consistency - Spark - [mail # dev]
...Hi Team,I have been using Structured Streaming with the S3 data source but I amseeing it duplicate the data intermittently. New run seem to fix it, butthe duplication happens ~10% of time. T...
   Author: Yash Sharma , 2018-01-11, 23:35