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[HADOOP-15563] Full S3Guard Support for on demand DDB tables - Hadoop - [issue]
...To keep costs down on DDB, autoscaling is a key feature: you set the max values and when idle, you don't get billed, at the cost of delayed scale time and risk of not getting the max value w...    Author: Steve Loughran , 2019-05-24, 15:18
[HADOOP-16329] "Wrong Billing mode" test failure in ITestS3GuardToolDynamoDB - Hadoop - [issue]
...Test ITestS3GuardToolDynamoDB.testDynamoDBInitDestroyCycle failing with "wrong billing mode"the newly inited test table is coming up with capacity (2, 2) when, because the original is (0, 0)...    Author: Steve Loughran , 2019-05-24, 15:18
[HIVE-18448] Drop Support For Indexes From Apache Hive - Hive - [issue]
...If a user needs to look up a small subset of records quickly, they can use Apache HBase, if they need fast retrieval of larger sets of data, or fast joins, aggregations, they can use Apache ...    Author: David Mollitor , 2019-05-24, 15:17
[HIVE-1502] finish the index design doc - Hive - [issue]
...regenerate the metastore schema diagram to match the final column names update Plugin Interface section to match the latest code fill out TBD's in the Reference Implementation section resolv...    Author: John Sichi , 2019-05-24, 15:17
[HDFS-13255] RBF: Fail when try to remove mount point paths - HDFS - [issue]
...when delete a ns-fed path which include mount point paths, will issue a error.Need to delete each mount point path independently.Operation step:[hadp@root]$ hdfs dfsrouteradmin -lsMount Tabl...    Author: Wu Weiwei , 2019-05-24, 15:16
[KAFKA-7500] MirrorMaker 2.0 (KIP-382) - Kafka - [issue]
...Implement a drop-in replacement for MirrorMaker leveraging the Connect framework.    Author: Ryanne Dolan , 2019-05-24, 15:15
[NIFI-6319] Improve docs around Site-to-Site URLs and Batch Settings - NiFi - [issue]
...I noticed that there isn't any documentation for the ability to reference multiple URLs in an RPG as well as for RPG port batch settings.  Current screenshots are out of date as a result....    Author: Andrew Lim , 2019-05-24, 15:13
[NIFI-2933] Remote input/output ports and local process groups should be treated as completely different components - NiFi - [issue]
...With the addition of Multi-tenancy users can restrict users to particular process groups.  What these users cannot do is create input and output ports on the root canvas.  Users sh...    Author: Matthew Clarke , 2019-05-24, 15:13
[ZOOKEEPER-3309] Add sync processor metrics - ZooKeeper - [issue]    Author: Jie Huang , 2019-05-24, 15:13
[ZOOKEEPER-3401] Fix metric PROPOSAL_ACK_CREATION_LATENCY - ZooKeeper - [issue]    Author: Jie Huang , 2019-05-24, 15:12