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[YARN-3289] Docker images should be downloaded during localization - YARN - [issue]
...We currently call docker run on images while launching containers. If the image size if sufficiently big, the task will timeout. We should download the image we want to run during localizati...    Author: Ravi Prakash , 2018-09-11, 18:42
[DISCUSS] Releasing Beam in the presence of emergencies - Beam - [mail # dev]
...Hi Beam-devs!There is also the consideration of which releases to fix. I am familiarwith Apache Hadoop and there may be a "stable", "beta" and "alpha" release.Usually security fixes are port...
   Author: Ravi Prakash , 2018-06-16, 23:09
[HDFS-7342] Lease Recovery doesn't happen some times - HDFS - [issue]
...In some cases, LeaseManager tries to recover a lease, but is not able to. HDFS-4882 describes a possibility of that. We should fix this...    Author: Ravi Prakash , 2018-05-18, 07:02
[HDFS-8344] NameNode doesn't recover lease for files with missing blocks - HDFS - [issue]
...I found another(?) instance in which the lease is not recovered. This is reproducible easily on a pseudo-distributed single node cluster Before you start it helps if you set. This is not...    Author: Ravi Prakash , 2018-05-18, 07:00
[YARN-5762] Summarize ApplicationNotFoundException in the RM log - YARN - [issue]
...We found a lot of ApplicationNotFoundException in the RM logs. These were most likely caused by the AggregatedLogDeletionService which checks that the application is not running anymore. e.g...    Author: Ravi Prakash , 2018-05-18, 07:00
[HIVE-13091] Beeline logs the username and password to the history file for connect commands - Hive - [issue]
...Adam Faris and Travis Thompson found that the beeline client also logs the username and password from a connect command into the beeline history file (Usually found at ~/.beeline/history). W...    Author: Ravi Prakash , 2018-05-18, 06:59
[YARN-6378] Negative usedResources memory in CapacityScheduler - YARN - [issue]
...Courtesy Thomas Nystrand, we found that on two of our clusters configured with the CapacityScheduler, usedResources occasionally becomes negative. e.g.2017-03-15 11:10:09,449 INFO org.apache...    Author: Ravi Prakash , 2018-05-18, 06:59
[HDFS-6292] Display HDFS per user and per group usage on the webUI - HDFS - [issue]
...It would be nice to show HDFS usage per user and per group on a web ui....    Author: Ravi Prakash , 2018-05-18, 06:57
[YARN-3302] TestDockerContainerExecutor should run automatically if it can detect docker in the usual place - YARN - [issue]    Author: Ravi Prakash , 2018-05-16, 19:58
[YARN-7450] ATS Client should retry on intermittent Kerberos issues. - YARN - [issue]
...We saw a stack trace (posted in the first comment) in the ResourceManager logs for the TimelineClientImpl not being able to relogin from keytab.I'm guessing there was an intermittent issue t...    Author: Ravi Prakash , 2018-04-02, 11:36