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Add basic StatusService - Kibana - [issue]
...SummaryRelated to #41983Follows the spec outlined in RFC-0010.This implements the basics of the StatusService + exposes the core status of the Elasticsearch and SavedObject services. These v...    Author: joshdover , 2020-03-29, 18:48
DRAFT: Wasm engine - Vector - [issue]
...This is a work in progress!Platform support: Linux (x86_64) Linux (ARMv7) (Likely never) Linux (Aarch64) (Probably coming, ARM contributing) Mac (x86_64)bytecodealliance/...    Author: Hoverbear , 2020-03-29, 18:44
[SIEM][Detection Engine] Allow to edit actions for prepackaged rules - Kibana - [issue]
...Summaryallow to edit actions for prepacked rulesdon't override actions when updating prepacked rulesChecklistDelete any items that are not applicable to this PR. Any text added follows ...    Author: patrykkopycinski , 2020-03-29, 18:37
use ADC on GCP instances - Beats - [issue]
...What does this PR do?Instead of requiring a file with credentials, the beat uses Google's ADCWhy is it important?Without this change, Filebeat requires a path to a file with credentials to b...    Author: mwasilew2 , 2020-03-29, 18:25
Move search source parsing and serializing to data - Kibana - [issue]
...This PR is moving the logic taking care of serializing and deserializing a search source from the saved_object plugin to the data_plugin. The current infrastructure using the SavedObject cla...    Author: flash1293 , 2020-03-29, 18:11
Return after check/dump requests in init - osquery - [issue]
...It is not enough to just requestShutdown, the ::start logic should also return early. This allows the binary to exit from main normally.Fixes #6290, #6329....    Author: theopolis , 2020-03-29, 17:56
osqueryd --config_check segfault - osquery - [issue]
...Bug reportWhat operating system and version are you using?version = 10.15.4build = 19E266platform = darwinWhat version of osquery are you using?version = 4.2.0What steps did you take to repr...    Author: daisukixci , 2020-03-29, 17:55
chore(tests): Enable Kubernetes tests - Vector - [issue]
...Closes #1635. Open an issue to extend TLS configuration to accept certificate as Vec. Necessary to enabletransforms::kubernetes::watch_client::kube_tests::watch_pod test. Tests on ...    Author: ktff , 2020-03-29, 17:52
Re-enable kubernetes tests in CI - Vector - [issue]
...Currently, we have Kubernetes tests disabled in CI because we were running out of resources and hitting continuous etcdserver timeouts. I suggest we re enable Kubernetes by hosting a small s...    Author: LucioFranco , 2020-03-29, 17:52
Enable building TLS with in memory public/private keys - Vector - [issue]
...Currently TlsSettings are builded  with TlsOptions which accept paths to files with certificates.In the case of loading configuration on how to connect to Kubernetes cluster from KUBECO...    Author: ktff , 2020-03-29, 17:51