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State timestamps set by the same check result differ across nodes - Icinga - [issue]
...resolves #8092...    Author: Yonas-net , 2020-07-09, 08:50
Chore: More typescript strict null fixes, going for sub 200 - Grafana - [issue]    Author: torkelo , 2020-07-09, 08:48
WIP - Icinga - [issue]    Author: Al2Klimov , 2020-07-09, 08:48
Automatic login by token url - Grafana - [issue]
...Should be nice to have an automatic login passing an user token thru url, this could be a partial solution to embed iframes on sites....    Author: german-bortoli , 2020-07-09, 08:47
Transformations: Enable reordering transformations - Grafana - [issue]    Author: dprokop , 2020-07-09, 08:46
v7.0.6 backports & version bump - Grafana - [issue]
...Prepping for a 7.0.6 releaseTemplating: Fixed recursive queries triggered when switching dashboard settings view #26137Templating: Fix recursive loop of template variable queries when changi...    Author: torkelo , 2020-07-09, 08:43
POC: Prepare elasticsearch/node_stats metricset for Stack Monitoring - Beats - [issue]
...This is a POC PR intended for an exploration. It will not be merged.This POC PR explores what it might look like to prepare the elasticsearch/node_stats metricset (without setting xpack.enab...    Author: ycombinator , 2020-07-09, 08:40
Cherry-pick #18956 to 7.x: Add automatic retries and exponential backoff to Filebeat httpjson input - Beats - [issue]
...Cherry-pick of PR #18956 to 7.x branch. Original message:Add automatic retries and exponential backoff to Filebeat httpjson input. If an HTTP error is returned by the client, e.g., connectio...    Author: marc-gr , 2020-07-09, 08:37
Graph Panel: add a ceiling value to y axis - Grafana - [issue]
...What would you like to be added:Currently, if you add a max to the y-axis, the y-axis doesn't dynamically resize to anything less than that value. What I would like is the ability to set a c...    Author: lanzafame , 2020-07-09, 08:37
Ability to use http output in libbeats - Beats - [issue]
...I've written a comment regarding this in the Elastic forum.  I feel it would be quite reasonable and beneficial to add the http output option to libbeat....    Author: hartfordfive , 2020-07-09, 08:34