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Sematext Agents

To start monitoring your infrastructure you need to set up the appropriate Sematext monitoring agent. You can choose from:

  • Sematext Agent, a lightweight, blazing fast Go-based Monitoring Agent with a tiny footprint for both infrastructure and containers.

  • Sematext Infra & App Agent (aka SPM Client or SPM Monitor). The Infra Agent collects OS & Network metrics. The App Agent collects application metrics. The App Agent can run in embedded (aka Java agent-based, aka in-process) or standalone mode. This agent can also instrument JVM-based apps to collect transaction traces and perform on demand profiling.

  • Node.js-based App Agent, which can monitor Apache and Nginx (including Nginx Plus).

  • Sematext Docker Agent (Deprecated), which can collect not only container and host metrics, but also container events and also logs, it can parse and structure out of the box.