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[expand - 1 more] - Compiling on POWER/ppc64le loads of progress but a few problems - Grafana - [mail # user]
...I found an excellent solution = let some one else do it :slight_smile:The guys at Power-Devops have packages setup for Grafana 7.0.4 on ppc64le = POWER8 and POWER9Red hat* RHEL7 and RHEL8Sus...
   Author: Nigel Griffiths , cham weerakkody , ... , 2020-07-06, 07:36
[prometheus-users] Re: prometheus not scrapping targets when timestamp field is present - Prometheus - [mail # user]
...Hi All,Can any one respond to my queries? Also we observed the following:1. If for eg timestamp(epoch) in the scrape is 12:00:00, then prometheus isnot scrapping the targets2. If for eg time...
   Author: Venkata Bhagavatula , 2020-07-06, 07:31
Cherry-pick #19617 to 7.x: [ci] fix env variable name for xpack filebeats - Beats - [issue]
...Backports the following commits to 7.x:[ci] fix env variable name for xpack filebeats (#19617)...    Author: v1v , 2020-07-06, 07:27
Composable ACKer - Beats - [issue]
...RefactoringWhat does this PR do?This change replaces the ACK handler functions with a single interfacethat makes it easier to combine ACK handlers.The global ACK handler is removed from the ...    Author: urso , 2020-07-06, 07:26
[expand - 1 more] - [prometheus-users] How to check exporter down time in 1 week - Prometheus - [mail # user]
...Hello, you can use offset to go back in time given you have enabled dataretention for at least one weekExp: rate(http_requests_total[5m] offset 1w) (change it accordingly to yourmetrics)On M...
   Author: sayf eddine Hammemi , Jack Chew , ... , 2020-07-06, 07:23
[InfluxData Community] [Collect] Telegraf smart plugin returns after some time exit_status = 1, but works with telegraf --test - Telegraf - [mail # user]
...Hi @FixTestRepeat,it's not a accumulation problem, checked with `ps`. Since telegraf is being restarted to activate config changes this would lead to transient failure, and not the quasi sta...
   Author: wfjm , 2020-07-06, 07:11
Update filebeat registrar to use statestore - Beats - [issue]
...RefactoringWhat does this PR do?Update filebeat registrar, initialization and testing to use thestatestore as new persistent storage backend between restarts.This PR swaps out the storage ba...    Author: urso , 2020-07-06, 07:05
Webhook notification error eror msg="failed to send notification" - Grafana - [mail # user]
...Hi all , i am unable to send notification on webhook with the following error textPayload: "t=2020-05-26T21:07:45+0000 lvl=eror msg="failed to send notification" logger=alerting.notifier uid...
   Author: Varun Krishna , 2020-07-06, 07:05
[CI] enable Windows-2016 and support 32 bits build requirements - Beats - [issue]
...What does this PR do?Configure the tool dependencies that are required (the workers might have some misconfiguration in place unfortunately while it happens we need to use this approach):Ins...    Author: v1v , 2020-07-06, 07:04
double.sql for PostgreSQL execution error - Zabbix - [issue]
...If I execute the original script for PostgreSQL, I have next error:psql:/home/double.sql:7: ERROR:  type of inherited column "value_min" must be changed in child tables toopsql:/home/do...    Author: melnik-aa , 2020-07-06, 07:00