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About Sematext

Sematext has been around since 2008 helping software-based companies improve performance for their users and troubleshoot faster through Sematext Cloud, an affordable yet robust suite of software monitoring tools.

Who can pitch an article?

Anyone with a strong grasp of a particular subject that appeals to our technical audience is welcome to submit an article using the form. These articles can be tutorials, guides, case studies or industry research.

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We are open to helping you write and edit your wonderful articles but at the same time we are very busy so we'll have to draw the line at articles with bad English grammar, unoriginal content, and I can't believe I have to say this, but we don't publish any political or religious content. We are talking tech here, people.

The process

The first step would be to submit an outline or a first draft of the article. We recommend that you start with that rather than sending us the full article right off the bat since we will probably make suggestions that might affect large portions of the article.

The next step would be to have an editor contact you to establish the details of the articles, timeline and any other arrangements that need to be made.

The editor will be responsible for answering any questions you might have along the way and help you stick to the agreed upon deadline. Once you have the article ready we'll have our team review it and get it ready for publication.

Once the article is published we'll share it via our social media channels.