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[KAFKA-10100] LiveLeaders field in LeaderAndIsrRequest is not used anymore - Kafka - [issue]
...We have noticed that the `LiveLeaders` field in the LeaderAndIsrRequest is not used anywhere but still populated by the controller.It seems that that field was introduced in AK `0.8.0` and w...    Author: David Jacot , 2020-06-05, 19:04
[KAFKA-10040] Make computing the PreferredReplicaImbalanceCount metric more efficient - Kafka - [issue]
...At the moment, computing the PreferredReplicaImbalanceCount metric traverses all the partitions in the cluster to find out the imbalance ones. This is extremely costly in cluster with large ...    Author: David Jacot , 2020-06-05, 00:31
[KAFKA-9514] The protocol generator generated useless condition when a field is made nullable and flexible version is used - Kafka - [issue]
...The protocol generator generates useless conditions when a field of type string is made nullable after the request has been converted to using optional fields.As an example, we have make the...    Author: David Jacot , 2020-06-04, 00:06
[expand - 1 more] - [VOTE] KIP-518: Allow listing consumer groups per state - Kafka - [mail # dev]
...Thanks for the update, Mickael. Changes look good to me.On Fri, May 29, 2020 at 11:39 AM Mickael Maison wrote:> Quick update:> While implementing the KIP, we made a couple of changes:&...
   Author: David Jacot , 2020-06-02, 13:56
[expand - 2 more] - [DISCUSS] KIP-590: Redirect Zookeeper Mutation Protocols to The Controller - Kafka - [mail # dev]
...Hi Boyang,I've got another question regarding the auto topic creation case. The KIPsays: "Currently the target broker shall just utilize its own ZK client tocreateinternal topics, which is d...
   Author: David Jacot , 2020-05-19, 07:17
[VOTE]: KIP-604: Remove ZooKeeper Flags from the Administrative Tools - Kafka - [mail # dev]
...+1 (non-binding).Thanks for the KIP.On Fri, May 15, 2020 at 12:41 AM Guozhang Wang  wrote:> +1.>> Thanks Colin!>> Guozhang>> On Tue, May 12, 2020 at 3:45 PM Colin M...
   Author: David Jacot , 2020-05-19, 06:59
[VOTE] KIP-612: Ability to Limit Connection Creation Rate on Brokers - Kafka - [mail # dev]
...+1 (non-binding)Thanks for the KIP, Anna!On Tue, May 19, 2020 at 7:12 AM Satish Duggana wrote:> +1 (non-binding)> Thanks Anna for the nice feature to control the connection creation ra...
   Author: David Jacot , 2020-05-19, 06:57
[expand - 1 more] - [DISCUSS] KIP-608: Add a new method to AuthorizerServerInfo Interface - Kafka - [mail # dev]
...Hey Jeff,Thanks for the updated KIP. The interface looks good to me. I've got coupleof comments:1. You say: "Other broker or client plugins could potentially implement theinterface and get t...
   Author: David Jacot , 2020-05-15, 15:10
[expand - 1 more] - [DISCUSS] KIP-612: Ability to Limit Connection Creation Rate on Brokers - Kafka - [mail # dev]
...Hi Anna,Thanks for your answers and the updated KIP. Looks good to me!Best,DavidOn Thu, May 14, 2020 at 12:54 AM Anna Povzner  wrote:> I updated the KIP to add a new broker configura...
   Author: David Jacot , 2020-05-14, 15:12
[DISCUSS] Kafka 3.0 - Kafka - [mail # dev]
...Hi all,First, I agree with what has been discussed. Having 3.x as the bridgereleases and entirely removing ZK in 4.0 makes total sense.Second, what would you think about removing the auto to...
   Author: David Jacot , 2020-05-11, 08:20