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[TAJO-2100] Add missing cancellation in defaultTaskScheduler when a worker is no respond - Tajo - [issue]
...if a worker is not respond, requested task should be canceled2016-03-17 11:53:36,270 INFO org.apache.tajo.querymaster.DefaultTaskScheduler: [eb_1458117238659_0223_000002] Assigned Local/Rack...    Author: Jinho Kim , 2016-03-18, 04:27
[TAJO-2089] Improve null handling in UDF - Tajo - [issue]
...A null value should convert to NullDatum in UDF. if not, it throw a TajoInternalError. Many people mistake the null handling.So we add null handling, it would be better...    Author: Jinho Kim , 2016-03-08, 08:26
[TAJO-2081] Incorrect task locality on single node - Tajo - [issue]
...local tasks is still remaining but DefaultTaskScheduler is not found local task and it try to find a task in remote task list2016-02-23 22:46:32,818 INFO org.apache.tajo.querymaster.DefaultT...    Author: Jinho Kim , 2016-03-04, 06:42
Slide decks presented at Seoul Apache Tajo Meetup - Tajo - [mail # user]
...Great!!Thanks for your sharing.Would you add the link to wiki ?-JinhoBest regards2016-03-03 10:39 GMT+09:00 Jihoon Son :...
   Author: Jinho Kim , 2016-03-04, 02:45
[TAJO-1334] Improve worker resource and Add simulator - Tajo - [issue]
...Currently, ResourceManager does not consider the scheduler policy. and tajo users are difficult to set.If you install the tajo from default configuration, a worker will running the only 1 ta...    Author: Jinho Kim , 2016-03-02, 03:11
[TAJO-2078] TestTajoCli.testSelectResultWithNullTrueDeprecated occasionally fails. - Tajo - [issue]
...Here is the logResults :Failed tests:   TestTajoCli.testSelectResultWithNullTrueDeprecated:320->verifySelectResultWithNullTrue:314->assertOutputResult:106->assertOutputResult:1...    Author: Jinho Kim , 2016-02-19, 06:07
[TAJO-2077] Join condition causes incorrect result, when a table has an empty row file - Tajo - [issue]
...MergeScanner termination condition is null tuple. if file fragment is still exist and first fragment returns null tuple, other fragments is ignored....    Author: Jinho Kim , 2016-02-17, 06:44
[TAJO-2076] Add backward compatibility testing with hadoop on travis - Tajo - [issue]
...See the title...    Author: Jinho Kim , 2016-02-16, 04:57
[TAJO-2054] Print physical operators in worker webUI - Tajo - [issue]
...Currently, WebUI supports displaying of the physical plan. but a physical operator can be changed by query engine. we should display the final physical operators...    Author: Jinho Kim , 2016-02-16, 01:58
[TAJO-2074] Upgrade hadoop and netty - Tajo - [issue]
...Hadoop Upgrade to 2.7.2 Netty Upgrade to 4.0.34...    Author: Jinho Kim , 2016-02-15, 10:21