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[OOZIE-923] Improve error message when a user tries to start a coordinator job - Oozie - [issue]
...The coordinator job does not support a start action. When a user tries to start a coordinator job, the error message is not informative.PUT http://localhost:11000/oozie/v1/job/0000002-120711...    Author: Santhosh Srinivasan , 2017-06-19, 09:27
[OOZIE-927] Quickstart link in Oozie 3.2.0 is broken - Oozie - [issue]
...The quickstart link for Oozie 3.2.0 is broken.Ref:    Author: Santhosh Srinivasan , 2017-05-23, 18:51
[HDFS-3728] Update Httpfs documentation - HDFS - [issue]
...Link: How HttpFS and Hadoop HDFS Proxy differ? Change seening to seen "HttpFS uses a clean HTTP REST API ma...    Author: Santhosh Srinivasan , 2016-05-12, 18:14
[AVRO-1235] Avro does not handle corrupt records - Avro - [issue]
...As per PIG-3015 (see, Avr...    Author: Santhosh Srinivasan , 2016-01-29, 12:35
[OOZIE-952] Shell action doc is pointing to the wrong workflow URI - Oozie - [issue]
...The Oozie Shell action documentation references an incorrect Oozie workflow URI. Where it says "uri:oozie:workflow:0.3" it should say "uri:oozie:workflow:0.2"Ref:    Author: Santhosh Srinivasan , 2014-07-21, 23:23
[HADOOP-5345] JobID is deprecated but there are no references to classes that are replacing it. - Hadoop - [issue]
...JobID is deprecated but there are no references to classes that are replacing it....    Author: Santhosh Srinivasan , 2014-07-21, 21:13
[MAPREDUCE-253] getDiagnostics in TaskReport should return exceptions - MapReduce - [issue]
...Currently, getDiagnostics() returns Strings. When exceptions are thrown in user code and/or Hadoop, it would be cleaner to propagate the exception back to the application for better error ha...    Author: Santhosh Srinivasan , 2014-01-20, 18:53
[OOZIE-561] Integrate Oozie with HCatalog - Oozie - [issue]
...With the incubation of HCatalog, we have a mechanism to abstract data and storage on HDFS. A natural progression for Oozie is to interact with HCatalog to facilitate the interplay between Ma...    Author: Santhosh Srinivasan , 2013-08-31, 00:02
[PIG-694] Schema merge should take into account bags with tuples and bags with schemas - Pig - [issue]
...The merge method in Schema does not treat bags with schemas and bags with tuples as equivalent. This will bring closure to PIG-448 and PIG-577....    Author: Santhosh Srinivasan , 2013-05-02, 02:29
[PIG-584] Error handling in Pig - Pig - [issue]
...This JIRA tracks the error handling feature in Pig....    Author: Santhosh Srinivasan , 2013-05-02, 02:29