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[SPARK-13720] SQLBuilder.toSQL is broken when there is a sort by after having - Spark - [issue]
...parse this SQL "SELECT COUNT(value) FROM parquet_t1 GROUP BY key HAVING MAX(key) > 0 SORT BY key" to logical plan and generate SQL string again, the generated SQL string can't be parsed.T...    Author: Wenchen Fan , 2019-05-21, 04:36
[SPARK-12474] support deserialization for physical plan and hive logical plan from JSON string - Spark - [issue]
...SPARK-12321 add a framework based on reflection that can serialize TreeNode to JSON and deserialize it back. However, it can't handle all corner cases and we bypass them in the test, see htt...    Author: Wenchen Fan , 2019-05-21, 04:35
[SPARK-11458] add word count example for Dataset - Spark - [issue]    Author: Wenchen Fan , 2019-05-21, 04:34
[SPARK-9778] remove unnecessary evaluation from SortOrder - Spark - [issue]    Author: Wenchen Fan , 2019-05-21, 04:34
[SPARK-13611] import Aggregator doesn't work in Spark Shell - Spark - [issue]
...scala> import org.apache.spark.sql.expressions.Aggregatorimport org.apache.spark.sql.expressions.Aggregatorscala> class SumOf[I, N : Numeric](f: I => N) extends Aggregator[I, N, N] ...    Author: Wenchen Fan , 2019-05-21, 04:34
[SPARK-11013] SparkPlan may mistakenly register child plan's accumulators for SQL metrics - Spark - [issue]
...The reason is that: when we call RDD API inside SparkPlan, we are very likely to reference the SparkPlan in the closure and thus serialize and transfer a SparkPlan tree to executor side. Whe...    Author: Wenchen Fan , 2019-05-21, 04:32
[SPARK-19847] port hive read to FileFormat API - Spark - [issue]    Author: Wenchen Fan , 2019-05-21, 04:16
[SPARK-20292] string representation of TreeNode is messy - Spark - [issue]
...Currently we have a lot of string representations for QueryPlan/Expression: toString, simpleString, verboseString, treeString, sql, etc.The logic between them is not very clear and as a resu...    Author: Wenchen Fan , 2019-05-21, 04:14
[SPARK-14146] Imported implicits can't be found in Spark REPL in some cases - Spark - [issue]
...class I(i: Int) {  def double: Int = i * 2}class Context {  implicit def toI(i: Int): I = new I(i)}val c = new Contextimport c._// OK1.double// Failclass A; 1.doubleThe above code ...    Author: Wenchen Fan , 2019-05-21, 04:13
[SPARK-19756] drop the table cache after inserting into a data source table - Spark - [issue]    Author: Wenchen Fan , 2019-05-21, 04:12