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[GIRAPH-1194] Improve ZK event logging in BspServiceMaster - Giraph - [issue]
...Every time there is a new event, like workers finishing the superstep, BspServiceMaster logs the entire list of workers that have finishes. This is too verbose. We should print the new worke...    Author: Dionysios Logothetis , 2018-05-26, 02:01
[GIRAPH-1193] Fix site build - Giraph - [issue]
...The site build is currently broken....    Author: Dionysios Logothetis , 2018-05-26, 01:56
[GIRAPH-1148] Connected components - make calculate sizes work with large number of components - Giraph - [issue]
...Currently if we have a graph with large number of connected components, calculating connected components sizes fails because reducer becomes too large. Use array of handles instead....    Author: Maja Kabiljo , 2018-05-17, 17:24
[GIRAPH-344] mvn test fails with java 1.7 - Giraph - [issue]
...On my Mac:JAVA_HOME=/Library/Java/Home mvn clean test[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------[INFO] BUILD SUCCESS[INFO] -------...    Author: Nitay Joffe , 2018-05-17, 06:52
[GIRAPH-567] Tests on trunk are failing for giraph-examples at RandomWalk - Giraph - [issue]
...Seems to be something has upset the tests in examples here, this is the surefire report from "mvn verify" on trunk tonight:-------------------------------------------------------------------...    Author: Eli Reisman , 2018-05-17, 06:50
[GIRAPH-483] InputSplit needs to be Writable - Giraph - [issue]
...Working on Hive I/O recently I found this out the hard way...We use InputSplit in Giraph in order to make things work easily with Hadoop. However our usage of the interface is not actually c...    Author: Nitay Joffe , 2018-05-17, 06:47
[GIRAPH-1180] Remove support for Hadoop 1 and older - Giraph - [issue]
...Due to all the munge logic and support for nearly 10 year old APIs, Giraph feels much harder to maintain than it should be.The majority of projects in this large scale Hadoop based compute s...    Author: Adam Kennedy , 2018-05-17, 06:43
[GIRAPH-940] Cleanup the list of supported hadoop versions. - Giraph - [issue]
...We now support 14 hadoop version:hadoop_0.20.203hadoop_0.23hadoop_1hadoop_2hadoop_2.0.0hadoop_2.0.1hadoop_2.0.2hadoop_2.0.3hadoop_cdh4.1.2hadoop_facebookhadoop_non_securehadoop_snapshothadoo...    Author: Sergey Edunov , 2018-05-17, 06:43
[GIRAPH-982] 'mvn -Phadoop_2 clean test' fails with 7 errors in giraph-rexster - Giraph - [issue]    Author: Eugene Koontz , 2018-05-17, 06:41
[GIRAPH-1013] Add Blocks Framework - Giraph - [issue]
...This will be a set of diffs adding Blocks Framework, summary on each diff will explain it's contents.More context in:    Author: Igor Kabiljo , 2018-05-17, 06:38