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[ANNOUNCE] New Hadoop Committers - Xiao Chen and Wei-Chiu Chuang - Hadoop - [mail # general]
...Congratulations to both of you!--Chris NaurothOn 7/20/16, 10:26 AM, "Yongjun Zhang"  wrote:>Hi,>>I am pleased to announce that Xiao Chen and Wei-Chiu Chuang have been>electe...
   Author: Chris Nauroth , 2016-07-20, 18:23
[HADOOP-12304] Applications using FileContext fail with the default file system configured to be wasb/s3/etc. - Hadoop - [issue]
...HADOOP-11618 fixed a bug with DelegateToFileSystem using the wrong default port.  As a side effect of this patch, file path URLs that previously had no port now insert :0 for the port, ...    Author: Chris Nauroth , 2016-07-18, 20:46
FileSystem object's close method is not called. hadoop 2.7.2 - Hadoop - [mail # user]
...Hello Michael,Historically, there has never been a firm requirement that clients must call FileSystem#close upon finishing usage of an instance.  I think the history here is that the cl...
   Author: Chris Nauroth , 2016-07-18, 16:56
[HADOOP-11935] Provide optional native implementation of stat syscall. - Hadoop - [issue]
...Currently, RawLocalFileSystem.DeprecatedRawLocalFileStatus#loadPermissionInfo is implemented as forking an ls command and parsing the output.  This was observed to be a bottleneck in YA...    Author: Chris Nauroth , 2016-07-11, 20:59
cp command in webhdfs (and Filesystem Java Object) - Hadoop - [mail # user]
...Hello Jérôme,WebHDFS provides an HTTP binding to the FileSystem API, which defines the primitive operations offered by the file system.  The FileSystem Shell builds on top of the FileSy...
   Author: Chris Nauroth , 2016-06-29, 15:36
[expand - 1 more] - Bulk chmod,chown operations on HDFS - Hadoop - [mail # user]
...The community has nearly always steered away from NameNode RPC implementations that operate recursively on an entire sub-tree, instead implementing recursion on the client side.  (The g...
   Author: Chris Nauroth , 2016-06-29, 15:18
[HADOOP-9888] KerberosName static initialization gets default realm, which is unneeded in non-secure deployment. - Hadoop - [issue]
...KerberosName has a static initialization block that looks up the default realm.  Running with Oracle JDK7, this code path triggers a DNS query.  In some environments, we've seen th...    Author: Chris Nauroth , 2016-06-28, 14:40
Kerberos Impersonation in Hadoop - Hadoop - [mail # user]
...Hello Aneela,If your cluster has enabled Kerberos security, then the HADOOP_USER_NAME environment variable has no effect.It sounds like you want to test a proxy user scenario, in which authe...
   Author: Chris Nauroth , 2016-06-23, 20:15
[expand - 4 more] - i686 support - Hadoop - [mail # user]
...If it's a problem pattern that spans multiple sub-components, then please file it as a HADOOP issue.  It might end up getting split into related issues assigned to each sub-project, but...
   Author: Chris Nauroth , 2016-06-20, 21:49
[HADOOP-13149] Windows distro build fails on dist-copynativelibs. - Hadoop - [issue]
...HADOOP-12892 pulled the dist-copynativelibs script into an external file.  The call to this script is failing when running a distro build on Windows....    Author: Chris Nauroth , 2016-06-17, 05:59