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[HAMA-988] Allow to add additional no-input tasks as number user want - Hama - [issue]
...BSP framework basically launches the tasks as number of splits. And, force-setting the number of tasks is also possible by setting "hama.force.set.bsp.tasks" to true .By the way, there's no ...    Author: Edward J. Yoon , 2016-08-26, 05:43
[HAMA-799] Add a new BSP API that uses multiple threads - Hama - [issue]
...Add a new (additional) BSP API that uses multiple threads, called MultithreadedBSP. This could help in speeding up the highly CPU-intensive task.And, I personally would like to re-design the...    Author: Edward J. Yoon , 2016-08-26, 05:26
[HAMA-996] Delete meaningless parameter - Hama - [issue]
...It seems that taskid param from getGroomToSchedule() of TaskInProgress is not essential for this function....    Author: JongYoon Lim , 2016-08-26, 00:03
[HAMA-994] Support GPU for math operations - Hama - [issue]
...Support GPU for matrix/vector operations using aparapi....    Author: Edward J. Yoon , 2016-08-25, 03:54
[HAMA-995] isFirstAttempt() always returns false - Hama - [issue]
...isFirstAttempt() in TaskInProgress isn't used anywhere but it's better to be fixed. By assigning first task id to firstTaskId, it can return correct value....    Author: JongYoon Lim , 2016-08-25, 03:47
[HAMA-992] Hama streaming - Hama - [issue]
...Hello all,I am trying to implement apache hama on Raspberry pi model 3 to establish a distributed computing platform for scientific computation. I am trying to run hama streaming over hadoop...    Author: Chaitanya , 2016-08-03, 06:43
[HAMA-993] HAMA Cluster is not running pi example - Hama - [issue]
...I have setup hama cluster of 9 nodes. I have used all the recommended settings given on the site, but when I try to run pi example on hama it gets stuck there....    Author: Jatinder Goyal , 2016-07-29, 08:43
[expand - 1 more] - Helping Spread the Word about Apachecon EU 2016 - Hama - [mail # user]
...Hi Everyone I'm forwarding the following message on behalf of Rich Bowen and the Apachecon team ======= As you are aware, we are holding ApacheCon in Seville in November. While this seems li...
   Author: Sharan Foga , 2016-07-15, 08:38
[HAMA-990] GSoC'16: Apache Hama benchmark against Spark and Flink - Hama - [issue]    Author: Behroz Sikander , 2016-06-21, 10:59
[HAMA-941] Semiclustering Termination - Hama - [issue]
...Currently Semiclustering example will be terminated when the number of iterations exceeded the predefined threshold max iteration.App should be stopped if there's no cluster changes (I guess...    Author: Edward J. Yoon , 2016-05-17, 00:01