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[ORC-388] Fix isSafeSubtract to use logical operator instead of bit operator - Orc - [issue]
...Both Java and C++ code has misused bit operator in isSafeSubtract function. Although it works coincidently, we should change it to logical operator....    Author: Gang Wu , 2018-07-30, 04:35
[ORC-390] Support Hive 0.12 ORC format in C++ bindings - Orc - [issue]
...C++ implementation is currently unable to produce ORC files that are compatible with HIVE 0.12 is a major impediment.For example, AWS provides Hive 0.12, and inability to write ORC files tha...    Author: Alexey Raga , 2018-07-25, 23:30
[expand - 4 more] - Re: Arrow Support of Orc - Orc - [mail # dev]
...Follow up to Owen's question, do you have an estimate on the performancegains from implementing the native support?Creating a new API for supporting Arrow is a good starting point. Can youco...
   Author: Deepak Majeti , 周宇睿 , ... , 2018-07-16, 19:45
[ORC-387] Enable native Apache Arrow support - Orc - [issue]
...Implement a native api set to directly read Apache Arrow's Record Batch from Orc Files. This api set will runs in parallel with current VectorBatch api so that there won't be any backward co...    Author: Yurui Zhou , 2018-07-16, 08:26
[ORC-386] Add new spark file format benchmark - Orc - [issue]
...I've done a new set of benchmarks that compare the performance of the file formats as they are read from Spark.As part of this, I've refactored a lot of the benchmark code into different mod...    Author: Owen OMalley , 2018-07-13, 21:34
[ORC-251] Modify InStream and OutStream to optionally encrypt data - Orc - [issue]    Author: Owen OMalley , 2018-07-13, 21:30
[REPORT] Apache board report for ORC - Orc - [mail # dev]
...Here is my report to the Apache Board. Feedback welcome... Owen## Description: - A high-performance columnar file format for Hadoop workloads.## Issues: - There are no issues requi...
   Author: Owen OMalley , 2018-07-13, 17:12
[ORC-365] Only print min and max for timestamp stats once - Orc - [issue]
...ORC-341 changed the printing method. However, I have just realized that the minimum and the maximum were already converted from UTC before printing....    Author: Jesus Camacho Rodriguez , 2018-06-29, 21:16
[ORC-379] ConversionTreeReaders should handle Decimal64 - Orc - [issue]
...ConversionTreeReaders does not seem to handle Decimal64 column vectors. Hive creates VRB with Decimal64ColumnVectors when possible which gets passed down to ConversionTreeReaders which resul...    Author: Prasanth Jayachandran , 2018-06-29, 21:15
[ORC-376] Add Ubuntu18 docker file - Orc - [issue]
...We should add an Ubuntu 18 docker file, so that we can test against gcc7....    Author: Owen OMalley , 2018-06-29, 21:15