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[SAMZA-1942] Change JobConfig#getName to throw if job name is missing instead of returning an Option - Samza - [issue] is a required config, so JobConfig#getName should throw an exception if it's missing instead of making the caller handle it....    Author: Prateek Maheshwari , 2018-10-09, 17:27
[SAMZA-1941] Reimplement ExponentialSleepStrategy in Java for better scala-java interop - Samza - [issue]
...Current Scala ExponentialSleepStrategy implementation is awkward to use from Java due to the Java - Scala Function type conversions. E.g.:    Author: Prateek Maheshwari , 2018-10-09, 17:12
[SAMZA-1940] MetricsReporterFactory may need to have access to non-serializable dependencies to create MetricsReporter - Samza - [issue]
...Some of the MetricsReporter has dependencies on runtime objects that are not serializable. Hence, MetricsReporterFactory may need to access the Context object to inject those dependencies....    Author: Yi Pan , 2018-10-09, 17:08
[SAMZA-1795] Add retry mechanism to Samza Table - Samza - [issue]
...Currently, there is no built-in retry mechanism in either local/remote tables. For local table, this is a less issue because local data access typically should not fail unexpectedly. However...    Author: Peng Du , 2018-10-09, 17:08
[SAMZA-1939] Improve Event Hubs connector configs - Samza - [issue]
...A few things to change in the configs: Add system level SASkey/token for Eventhubs (`system.system-name.eventhubs.[saskeyName,Token]`) Add new connection string config support to bot...    Author: Daniel Chen , 2018-10-08, 20:19
[SAMZA-1938] Support use cases to run multiple sql statements in one Samza job - Samza - [issue]
...This Jira is to track the following tasks: Support users to run multiple Sql statements in the same job. sql1 = "Insert into testavro.simpleOutputTopic select * from testavro.SIMPLE1"; sql...    Author: Weiqing Yang , 2018-10-06, 01:28
[SAMZA-1929] Automatically adjust changelog topic level settings, when RocksDB TTL is set - Samza - [issue]
...When TTL is set on RocksDB, the default usage of log compacted topic for changelog isn't appropriate. Ideally, it should match the behavior with a TTL.So we would adjust changelog topic sett...    Author: Wei Song , 2018-10-05, 22:24
[SAMZA-1926] Fix standalone configurations in configuration table. - Samza - [issue]
...Fix the default value of debounce time configuration. Remove the coordination utils configuration from the table(Infer that configuration value based upon job.coordinator.factory configurati...    Author: Shanthoosh Venkataraman , 2018-10-05, 21:32
[SAMZA-1933] Fix NPE in LocalityManager. - Samza - [issue]
...Currently to generate JobModel, ApplicationMaster relies upon TaskAssignmentManager to read the task to container assignments from the coordinator stream. After the metadata store changes, t...    Author: Shanthoosh Venkataraman , 2018-10-05, 18:02
[SAMZA-1845] Require setting serde for intermediate streams in High Level API - Samza - [issue]    Author: Prateek Maheshwari , 2018-10-05, 18:02