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[CALCITE-2471] RelNode description includes all tree when recomputed - Calcite - [issue]
...The initial AbstractRelNode description is `typeName#id` but when recomputed, it includes all its inputs (and other attributes).When creating the final plan, HepPlanner visits each node bott...    Author: Laurent Goujon , 2018-09-23, 08:33
[HIVE-20599] CAST(INTERVAL_DAY_TIME AS STRING) is throwing SemanticException - Hive - [issue]
...SELECT CAST(from_utc_timestamp(timestamp '2018-05-02 15:30:30', 'PST') - from_utc_timestamp(timestamp '1970-01-30 16:00:00', 'PST') AS STRING);throws below ExceptionError: Error while compil...    Author: Naresh P R , 2018-09-23, 08:32
[SPARK-25513] Read zipped CSV and JSON files - Spark - [issue]
...Spark can read compression files if there is compression codec for them. By default, Hadoop provides compressors/decompressors for bzip2, deflate, gzip, lz4 and snappy but they cannot be use...    Author: Maxim Gekk , 2018-09-23, 08:29
[HIVE-20621] GetOperationStatus called in causing incremental slowness - Hive - [issue]
...Fetching result set for a result cache hit query gets slower as more rows are fetched. For fetching 10 row result set it took about 900ms but fetching 200 row result set took 8 seconds. Reas...    Author: Prasanth Jayachandran , 2018-09-23, 08:25
[expand - 1 more] - Hadoop Contributor Meetup - Storm - [mail # dev]
...I can do a talk on the rework of threading,  messaging and backpressure  for 2.0 RoshanSent from Yahoo Mail for iPhoneOn Friday, September 21, 2018, 8:37 AM, Bobby Evans  wrote:There is...
   Author: Roshan Naik , Bobby Evans , ... , 2018-09-23, 08:19
[FLINK-10399] Refractor ParameterTool#fromArgs - Flink - [issue]
...ParameterTool#fromArgs uses a weird implement which flink developer would fail to parse it fast.The main problem is that, when parse args, we always try to get a key-value pair, but the impl...    Author: tison , 2018-09-23, 08:16
[CASSANDRA-14786] Attempted to delete non-existing file CommitLog - Cassandra - [issue]
...Hi all,we write here for the first time so forgive us if we forget something.At one of our customers we have installed some Genesys applications that use a Cassandra cluster with 3 nodes.For...    Author: Riccardo Paoli , 2018-09-23, 08:13
[CURATOR-477] Ability to turn off Zk Watches in Curator Framework - Curator - [issue]
...In our use case, we use TreeCache to get Zk Data periodically. We start TreeCache read data and close it. In this use case, The ZkWatchManager of ZooKeeper class keeps growing for every Tree...    Author: Rama Chavali , 2018-09-23, 08:03
[RANGER-2232] Security Zones feature in Apache Ranger - Ranger - [issue]
...This is to introduce a new abstraction in Apache Ranger that would allow carving/bucketing of resources in a service into multiple zones, for better administration of security policies. This...    Author: Madhan Neethiraj , 2018-09-23, 08:00
[CARBONDATA-2961] Simplify SDK API interfaces - CarbonData - [issue]
...Added:public CarbonWriterBuilder withThreadSafe(short numOfThreads)public CarbonWriterBuilder withHadoopConf(Configuration conf)public CarbonWriterBuilder forCsvInput(Schema schema)public Ca...    Author: Ajantha Bhat , 2018-09-23, 08:00