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Case Study – ATLIST

ATLIST is a web platform which helps independent properties (hotels, inns, bed & breakfasts, vacation rentals, and more) enhance the guest experience and maximize profit. ATLIST empowers property managers to digitize their activity concierge services through mobile-friendly web pages and automated online reservations. We are less than a year-old but we are seeing a lot of market interest.

What were your team’s devops challenges and pain points prior to using Sematext?

Our platform is very new (less than a year-old) but one of the first challenges we wanted to solve is basic visibility into application errors.

What were your requirements and considerations for monitoring and / or logging solutions?

The main requirement was to be notified upon an error being logged.

Why did you choose Sematext?

We found Sematext to be the easiest and simplest log monitoring solution to get started with while still having a lot of room to grow into its more sophisticated capabilities.

What problems does Sematext solve for you?

Sematext gives us insight into our application.

Please share some insights into your implementation process and transition to Sematext.

It was, by far, the simplest integration/implementation process I’ve ever encountered - practically one-click and done. We use Next.js deployed on Vercel and Sematext’s integration with Vercel is top-notch. Sematext gives log monitoring and significant insight into our serverless functions (cold starts, running time, max memory usage, etc) out of the box.

What was the outcome and which product feature(s) do you find most helpful?

Utilizing Sematext’s log monitoring we are able to detect and correct any issues in our code very quickly giving the confidence to move fast which is invaluable for a young company trying to build its platform.


  • Application error visibility
  • Being notified of errors in real time

Favorite features

  • Ease of integration
  • Ease of use

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