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Case Study – Benchprep

Benchprep is a pioneer in the modern learning space, digitally transforming professional learning for corporations, credentialing bodies, associations and training companies for over a decade. With an award-winning, learner-centric, cloud based platform, BenchPrep enables learning organizations to deliver the best digital experience to drive learning outcomes and increase revenue. More than 6 million learners have used BenchPrep’s platform to attain academic and professional success. To discover more, visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

What were your team’s devops challenges and pain points prior to using Sematext?

Our application writes a lot of logging as per design and log size is the matter for us to troubleshoot. Prior to Sematext we have log truncation issues. With sematext we are able to resolve that, as Sematext allows log events up to 256 KB in size. We also use containerd as container runtime in our Kubernetes environment. It is very hard to find a logging vendor who supports containerd with our log size requirements, but Sematext provides both.

What were your requirements and considerations for monitoring and / or logging solutions?

Seamless integration with cloud vendors, allowing max log size and containerd integration.

Why did you choose Sematext?

Sematext fulfilled all our requirements - large log event size and containerd integration. Once we started working with Sematext engineers we got to know the capabilities of the tool and people.

What problems does Sematext solve for you?

First and foremost max log size and containerd integration. We did brief research in the market and Sematext turned out to be the most suitable solution for us. Additional positive surprise was its flexible cost control. With Sematext we can better control our costs and notifications on daily usage.

Please share some insights into your implementation process and transition to Sematext.

As we learn the Sematext product and try different capabilities out of the box, Sematext engineers are available throughout implementation and we have some lateral fixes which we requested also resolved by Sematext right in time. Overall we are happy with the implementation process and transition.

What was the outcome and which product feature(s) do you find most helpful?

We use the Sematext log solution for our apps and kubernetes audit logs archive feature.

Challenges before Sematext

  • Log truncation due to size
  • Log archiving without issues
  • Containerd support

Favorite Sematext features

  • Easy setup and rich UI
  • Max log size allowed
  • Alert and usage notifications

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