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eBook: Open Distro for Elasticsearch

What's Inside

See Amazon's first public version of Open Distro for Elasticsearch in action. In this guide you'll learn about:

  • Feature comparison matrix
  • How to install and configure
  • Running Elasticsearch with Docker Compose
  • Using Elasticsearch alerting
  • Configuring Elasticsearch encryption, SSL, roles, LDAP integration...
  • Using Elasticsearch SQL, including JOIN support
  • Elasticsearch performance analysis tools


Rafal Kuc

Author: Rafal Kuć

Software Engineer

Software engineer, trainer, consultant and author from time to time - some would say that he is an all in one battle weapon concentrated mostly on Lucene, Solr and Elasticsearch. However he also likes all the other cool stuff that is happening in the IT world. Likes to share his knowledge by giving talks at various meetups and conferences.

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eBook: Open Distro for Elasticsearch