Solr Digest, April 2010

Another month is almost over, so it is time for our regular monthly Solr Digest. This time we’ll focus on interesting JIRA issues, so let’s start: Issue SOLR-1860 intends to improve stopwords list handling in Solr, based on recent Lucene’s […]

Solr Digest, March 2010

As you probably already know, there were some big changes in Lucene/Solr world. They were already mentioned in Lucene Digest post for March, but here we’ll summarize changes related to Solr: Lucene and Solr are now merged in svn, repositories […]

Solr Digest, February 2010

This second installment of Solr Digest (see Solr January Digest) will cover 8 topics, some of which are quite new and some with very long history (and still uncertain future). So, here we go: 1. solr.ISOLatin1AccentFilterFactory is commonly used filter […]

Solr Digest, January 2010

Similar to our Lucene Digest post , we’ll occasionally cover recent developments in the  Solr world. Although Solr 1.4 was released only two months ago, work on new features for 1.5 (located in the svn trunk) is in full gear: […]