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[SOLR-14285] Trusted configset limitations should be relaxed in some circumstances - Solr - [issue]
...The changes in SOLR-6736 mean that as of 8.4, a configset that includes <lib> directives will only work if Solr has authentication configured.I think we should be able to disable this ...    Author: Cassandra Targett , 2020-05-27, 18:04
[SOLR-14444] Ref Guide Redesign Phase 2: Page Organization Overhaul - Solr - [issue]
...SOLR-14173 changed the look & feel of the Ref Guide, and left one glaring problem unresolved: our top-level categories are far too many for that sort of design.This issue will track a fu...    Author: Cassandra Targett , 2020-05-27, 18:04
[expand - 1 more] - Public vs None Security Level on JIRA issues? - Lucene - [mail # dev]
...I found hundreds of issues that had not been cleared the last time I did ita couple months ago, dating back months. Enough that I assumed it had notever been added to any release instruction...
   Author: Cassandra Targett , 2020-05-21, 15:32
[SOLR-14173] Ref Guide Redesign Phase 1: Page Design - Solr - [issue]
...The current design of the Ref Guide was essentially copied from a Jekyll-based documentation theme (, which had a couple important b...    Author: Cassandra Targett , 2020-05-05, 20:43
[expand - 3 more] - Solr Ref Guide Redesign coming in 8.6 - Solr - [mail # user]
...> This design still has a minor annoyance that I have noted in the past:> in the table of contents pane it is easy to open a subtree, but the> only way to close it is to open anothe...
   Author: Cassandra Targett , 2020-04-29, 18:30
Overseer documentation - Lucene - [mail # dev]
...Agreed this is great and difficult work, Ilan. Thanks so much for taking it on.I wonder if some of this maybe should end up in Javadocs? If those classes don’t say what they’re doing or seem...
   Author: Cassandra Targett , 2020-04-24, 20:40
Is Banana deprecated? - Solr - [mail # user]
...Banana is a fork of a very old Kibana version (Kibana 3.x) developed by Lucidworks. It’s technically out of scope for this list, as the Solr community has nothing to do with maintaining it.(...
   Author: Cassandra Targett , 2020-04-21, 19:42
[expand - 1 more] - Solr Admin UI Refresh 2020 - Lucene - [mail # dev]
...Marcus,A couple thoughts…First, sorry you’re having problems with Confluence. I suspect the issue is permissions. There are only two groups allowed to add pages to the SOLR space, “lucene” a...
   Author: Cassandra Targett , 2020-04-14, 13:30
[VOTE] Release Lucene/Solr 8.5.1 RC1 - Lucene - [mail # dev]
...Jan, I also see the same text you hoped to fix with SOLR-14359.I think I might see a clue to the problem - in your PR you updated “angular-chosen.min.js” but the head section of index.html a...
   Author: Cassandra Targett , 2020-04-14, 12:36
Lucene/Solr 8.5.1 bugfix release - Lucene - [mail # dev]
...Should we consider backporting SOLR-14367 (the most recent Tika upgrade)? It addresses a CVE in Tika, and while I think we usually avoid changing 3rd party component versions in patch releas...
   Author: Cassandra Targett , 2020-04-02, 19:33