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"can not write type [class java.math.BigInteger]" error for script parameters - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...Using ES 6.1.2 (on JVM 1.8.0_121), the following query works on a single-node cluster (unzipping the server dist and running on my laptop), but fails on our production multi-node cluster wit...    Author: bobbyi , 2018-10-19, 20:04
Responses can use Writeable.Reader interface - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...In order to remove Streamable from the codebase, Response objects needto be read using the Writeable.Reader interface which this changeenables. This change enables the use of Writeable.Reade...    Author: jaymode , 2018-10-19, 19:39
ML: Add support for rollup Indexes in Datafeeds - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...This adds rollup index support for data extraction in datafeeds.There are SOME changes inside the Rollup side of the house, so review from them for these changes may be necessaryStoring the ...    Author: benwtrent , 2018-10-19, 17:42
6.x Ingest node back ports - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...Ingest node 6.x back ports for:correctly measure chained pipeline stats (#33912)support simulate with verbose for pipeline processor (#33839)Allow Repeated Invocation of Pipeline (#33419)All...    Author: jakelandis , 2018-10-19, 17:41
Fix inner_hits retrieval when stored fields are disabled - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...This is the backport of #33018, a change was needed to handle indices with multiple types.This change throws an error if stored fields are disabled on inner_hits for an index with multiple t...    Author: jimczi , 2018-10-19, 17:19
Improve rest-api-spec test runner to fail tests that use headers but don't list them in the skip section - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...I'm raising this issue after submitting a pull request to add headers to the skip section of some tests that were missing it. I'm requesting that the Elasticsearch test runner fail tests tha...    Author: estolfo , 2018-10-19, 16:59
Improve rest-api-spec test runner to disallow malformatted request definitions - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...The Elasticsearch rest-api-spec test runner should be made stricter to disallow malformatted requests.For example, as you can see in this pull request, the parameters defined for the msearch...    Author: estolfo , 2018-10-19, 16:59
Improved IndexNotFoundException's default error message - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...The message is improved by including the missing index name. Fixes #34628....    Author: atapin , 2018-10-19, 16:19
[ILM] Allow ILM and CCR to work well together - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...Currently if a user wishes to use CCR and ILM together on the same index they can run into problems. To help describe these problems imagine we have two clusters (for this discussion I'm goi...    Author: colings86 , 2018-10-19, 16:08
Add GetRollupCaps to HLRC (6.x Backport) - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...Backport of #32880.  No need for review, just wanted some CI due to merge conflicts and differences from master....    Author: polyfractal , 2018-10-19, 16:05