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Search drives a ton of your business. Why not optimize it?


  • Awareness of overall user search experience is a key indicator of future sales
  • Awareness of search results quality
  • No need to develop, set up, manage or scale your own query
  • More Benefits...
    • Awareness of zero-hit queries
    • Awareness of click-through trends
    • Awareness of search results quality through click stats reports


  • Real­time insights via graphs and charts about user search experience: CTRs, 0­ hit queries, top queries, query trends, etc.
  • Powerful data filtering and segmentation
  • Custom dashboards, graph sharing and embedding
  • Multi­user support with different user roles
  • See More Features...
    • Multi-user support with different user roles
    • Easily switch between multiple systems
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  • Simple JavaScript beacon embedded in Search Results pages
  • Search technology agnostic ­­- works with all search backends