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Berlin Buzzwords

June is approaching, and that means Berlin Buzzwords is near.  Here at Sematext we are looking forward to Berlin this year, as we’ll be both at the Cloudera Hadoop training (and getting certified), plus attending Berlin Buzzwords.

With this guest post we are doing our part in helping Berlin Buzzwords organizers spread the word about their conference.

With data storage space getting cheaper and cheaper the question of how to efficiently analyze data and find information becomes important for a growing number of businesses. Apache Hadoop, Hive, NoSQL, MongoDB, Apache Lucene and CouchDB are just a few terms that spring to mind when thinking of large data. But what are these projects really all about? Who are the developers behind them? What do people build with these software packages? On 7/8th of June Berlin Buzzwords, a conference on these exact topics, sets out to bring together users and developers of hot data analysis topics. There are tracks specific to the three tags search, store and scale. The conference features a fantastic mixture of developers and users of open source software projects that make scaling data processing today possible:

  • Christophe Bisciglia from Cloudera is giving and overview of Apache Hadoop from an industry perspective. In addition there are talks by Steve Loughran, Aaron Kimball and Stefan Groschupf.
  • As for Apache Lucene the schedule has talks by Grant Ingersoll, Robert Muir and the “Generics Policeman” Uwe Schindler. Michael Busch from Twitter will explain how real-time search can be implemented with Lucene.
  • For those interested in NoSQL databases there is Mathias Stearn from MongoDB, Jan Lehnardt from CouchDB and Eric Evans, the guy who coined the term NoSQL one year ago.

The schedule is available online:

Regular tickets are available online at . In addition, student tickets are available: With a valid student ID, participants are eligible for one of these tickets. Each costs 100,- Euro. There are also special group tickets available: If you buy four tickets or more you are eligible for a discount of 25%, when purchasing 10 tickets or more the discount is 50%.

Looking forward to seeing you in Berlin.

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