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Hiring: Full-stack Java Developers

Sematext is looking for a strong full-stack developers (remote work is cool!) who:

  • Find creative and elegant solutions, build tools, avoid repetition and boilerplate code
  • Take ownership and push forward; want to help build the team and the organization
  • Like working with data-intense applications, continuous data streams (e.g. metrics, logs, events), visualization and data analytics
  • Want to have fun, enjoy building new things and improving existing ones

Some info about our tech:

  • Java in the backend, with a bit of Akka
  • Java and NodeJS for various SPM agents
  • A series of Machine Learning algorithms for Anomaly Detection
  • HBase and Elasticsearch for storing massive volumes of data (many billions of “rows”… stopped counting long ago)
  • Jetty and Kafka that handle hundreds of thousands of events/metrics/logs/messages per second
  • MySQL, ZooKeeper (obviously)
  • Apache Flume, rsyslog, Logstash, and Kibana
  • Lots of JavaScript in the Boostrap-based UI layer – jQuery and various other usual suspects
  • Flot for charting (and looking to replace that with something more modern, yes)
  • Solr, but just for and, which are not related to this opening
  • Everything runs on AWS – we own a total of 2 physical servers

Products / Services you’d be building:

  • SPM – monitoring, alerting, anomaly detection.  A lot has been done, and a lot more is in the queue.
  • Logsene – log collection, indexing, searching, alerting, anomaly detection.  A lot of new features are waiting to be built.
  • Search Analytics – it works, it runs, it has customers, but there is so much more value we can extract from query and click data!
  • NewAppHere – can’t talk about it, but it’s going to be big… and not only in Japan

Good to have skills:

  • Java – for various backend components
  • JavaScript (frameworks/libraries) – if you’re truly full-stack
  • We can teach you or at least help you catch up quickly with everything else mentioned above as well as custom bits not mentioned here

A bit about Sematext:

  • HQ in NYC, with people in North America, Europe, and Asia
  • Developers with strong open-source backgrounds
  • Deep expertise in Solr and Elasticsearch – we are also a leading provider of consulting and support for tons of clients
  • Some of our engineers give talks at conferences around the world and write books
  • We are totally self-funded, financially independent, and profitable
  • Chirping via @sematext

Got more questions?  Send them our way!  Better yet, send your resume!

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