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How to use Kibana 4 with Logsene Log Management

Did you know that Logsene provides a complete ELK Stack; i.e., a complete log management, analytics, exploration, and visualization solution? Logsene currently supports Kibana 3 with complete Kibana 4 support about to be released soon.

Can’t wait to use Kibana 4 with Logsene? No problem – part of the integration is already done and we’ve prepared instructions to run your own Kibana 4 with Logsene:

  • Open Kibana 4 configuration file config/kibana.yml and add Logsene server and Kibana-Index:
    elasticsearch_url: “”
    kibana_index: “LOGSENE_TOKEN_kibana
  • Start Kibana 4 (./bin/kibana) and open the web browser http://localhost:5601 – Kibana 4 asks for an index pattern. Here you need to enter the Logsene token and a daily date pattern separated by an underscore:
  • Enter Kibana Index-PatternNow you are ready to set up your visualizations and dashboards in Kibana 4:


Perhaps you prefer automation of tasks? We prepared it for you:

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