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Poll: Handling lucene-dev Merge

Lucene and Solr projects merged recently, as we mentioned in Solr Digest and Lucene Digest for March 2010.  Today, their -dev mailing lists finally finally merged.  Since Sematext runs the service that makes these lists (and more) searchable, we need to decided how to handle this relatively drastic change.

Short version: Please tell us how you would like us to handle lucene-dev merge on by selecting your choice in our Handling lucene-dev merge Poll.  The 2 choices are described below.

We’ve identified 2 options, and we need your input to help us decide what the right option is:

  • We can add a new lucene-dev list and start indexing it.  This would contain only the new lucene-dev content (for both Lucene and Solr development from today on).  This downside is that if you wanted to include old lucene-dev messages or old solr-dev messages in your search, you would have to explicitly select those lists.  We could rename them to lucene-dev-old and solr-dev-old for example, so the UI would show lucene-dev, lucene-dev-old, and solr-dev-old.  You’d have total control over what you want searched, but it would require you to make your choices explicitly, which also means people would have to understand what those -old lists are about and why there is no solr-dev.
  • We could merge the old solr-dev and old lucene-dev, and have a single lucene-dev that has both of those lists’ old messages (up to today), as well as all the new messages from the merged lucene-dev list from here on.  In effect, it would look as it Lucene and Solr always had a single lucene-dev list, since all of the old lucene-dev and solr-dev content would be in this new lucene-dev.  If we go this route, there would be no lucene-dev-old or solr-dev-old in the UI, just one lucene-dev choice.  But there also wouldn’t be solr-dev choice in the UI, since it doesn’t exist any  more, which may be confusing.  Thus, when you choose to search Solr, you wouldn’t see solr-dev facet in the UI, but the lucene-dev list’s content would be searched, so you wouldn’t actually miss any matches.

If there is a 3rd or 4th option that we missed, please let us know via comments!

Please tell us which option you would prefer as user by selecting your choice in our Handling lucene-dev merge Poll.  Thank you.

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