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Poll Results: Hadoop YARN vs. pre-YARN

Back in April 2013 there was a poll in Hadoop Users LinkedIn group:

YARN or pre-YARN – which version of Hadoop are you using?

Because we were working on adding Hadoop monitoring to SPM, this was an important question for us – which version of Hadoop should SPM be able to monitor?

Here are the results of that poll:

Hadoop MRv1 vs. Hadoop YARN
Hadoop MRv1 vs. Hadoop YARN

As we can see, most Hadoop users are still using the old version of Hadoop and are not using YARN.  The percentage in the “YARN” bar at the top is partially hidden, but it’s 13% — only 13% of Hadoop users who responded are using Hadoop YARN.  But combine it with 17% of people who said they are moving to YARN, it’s 30% all together.  Still only about 1/2 of the total number of Hadoop MRv1 users, but if we asked that question in early 2014 we would likely see a close tie.

So which version of Hadoop are we supporting in SPM?  Both!  With SPM you can monitor both Hadoop MRv1 and Hadoop YARN.  And if you are using pre-YARN Hadoop today and want to switch to Hadoop YARN later, that’s not a problem for SPM.

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