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Sematext at Hadoop World: Search Analytics with Flume and HBase

Besides working with search in general and Lucene/Solr/Nutch in particular, we also work with Hadoop, HBase, and other related technologies.  This October we’ll be presenting at Hadoop World (see the schedule).  The title of our talk is Search Analytics with Flume and HBase. Here’s the abstract:

In this talk we will show how we use Flume to transport search and clickstream data to HBase with the ultimate goal of producing Search Analytics reports using that data.  We’ll show how data flow through the system from the moment a query or click event is captured in the search application UI, until it lands in HBase via Flume’s HBase sink.  We’ll also share information about what this system looked like in the pre-Flume days.  Finally we’ll demonstrate various reports the system ultimately produces and insight we derive from them.

So, if you are interested in search and analytics, and especially the mix of the two, come see us this October in New York.  If you can’t wait until then or can’t make it to New York, and need help with search and/or analytics, let us know!

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