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Wanted Dead or Alive: Search Engineer with Client-facing Skills

We are on a lookout for a strong Search Engineer with interest and ability to interact with clients and with potential to build and lead local and/or remote development teams.  By “client-facing” we really mean primarily email, phone, Skype.

A person in this role needs to be able to:

  • design large scale search systems
  • have solid knowledge of either Solr or ElasticSearch or both
  • efficiently troubleshoot performance, relevance, and other search-related issues
  • speak and interact with clients

Pluses – beyond pure engineering:

  • ability and desire to expand and lead a development/consulting teams
  • ability to think both business and engineering
  • ability to build products and services based on observed client needs
  • ability to present in public, at meetups, conferences, etc
  • ability to contribute to
  • active participation in online search communities
  • attention to detail
  • desire to share knowledge and teach
  • positive attitude, humor, agility

We’re small and growing.  Our HQ is in Brooklyn, but our team is spread over 4 continents.  If you follow this blog you know we have deep expertise in search and big data analytics and that our team members are conference speakers, book authors, Apache members, open-source contributors, etc.  While we are truly international, this particular opening is in New York.  Speaking of New York, some of our New York City clients that we are allowed to mention are Etsy, Gilt, Tumblr, Thomson Reuters, Simon & Schuster (more on

Relevant pointers:

If you are interested, please send over some information about yourself, your CV, and let’s talk.

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