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G2 awards Sematext as high performer in Spring 2022 Reports

At Sematext, we are dedicated to making troubleshooting easier for ops teams. When we started to receive positive reviews from our customers around the globe, we knew we were doing something right. Even as our userbase grew across multiple industries, we continued to get positive feedback. We even received a few awards along the way.

In this post, we’re delighted to announce that Sematext Cloud is featured in the G2 Spring 2022 Reports under Monitoring Software Solutions category as:

  • High Performer in Grid® Report for Log Analysis | Spring 2022
  • High Performer in Grid® Report for Website Monitoring | Spring 2022
  • High Performer in Grid® Report for Log Monitoring | Spring 2022
  • Easiest To Do Business With in Relationship Index for Log Analysis | Spring 2022

Review platforms are a great place to look for unbiased feedback. Customers can leave their unfiltered opinions about their experience with various monitoring solutions. These reviews help the DevOps community make informed decisions and choose the best tools to monitor their stack.

While customer feedback may be terrifying to some, our team loves it! These reviews have helped our company make better decisions in product development and helped shape who we are today.

Our aim has always been to make life easier for developers by providing a monitoring solution for their entire technology stack. From a company that mostly consists of developers, trust us, we want a product that makes our jobs easier.

By combining logs, metrics, synthetic monitoring, and real user monitoring, DevOps teams get a single pane of glass for operational and performance data. This means you can easily troubleshoot production issues that may be affecting your business/sales. Instantly get insight into your whole infrastructure faster and more cohesively than by trying to glue together multiple tools, whether open-source or commercial.

G2 Grid® for Log Analysis Software

G2 Grid® for Website Monitoring Software

G2 Grid® for Log Monitoring Software

External recognition like this is much more meaningful for us since Sematext is an entirely self-funded company.

The adoption of our monitoring solutions has grown organically thanks to the positive feedback from customers like you. So we want to say thank you! We would not be where we are today without you.

At the same time, these awards are a strong confirmation for our engineering team. They can be confident that they are building a product that truly helps engineers and ops teams perform their jobs faster and easier.

Moving forward, we strive to keep the monitoring solutions we offer the best they can be. We want both our engineers and customers to be proud to be a part of the Sematext Cloud story.

To check Sematext Cloud awards, badges, and recognitions, head to our Awards page.

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