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Solr Performance Monitoring Announcement

Update: Sematext now offers SPM – Scalable Performance Monitoring for Solr (as well as for HBase, OS, JVM, etc.). See our Solr Performance Monitoring with SPM blog post.

We’re happy to announce the partnership between Sematext and New Relic. Over the last few months we have been using New Relic’s RPM Gold Plan for monitoring performance of our own Solr-based services for searching Lucene and Hadoop ecosystems: and We found it valuable for understanding (and fixing!) Solr performance bottlenecks and are going to be offering this service to our new and old customers.

We’ll also set up our Lucene/Solr tech support subscribers with New Relic’s RPM. This will make our tech support team more visibility in customer’s past Solr performance, spot any suspicious trends or errors, and quickly understand the overall performance trends over time, thus resolving our customer’s issues much more quickly.

You can get more details about the service, and you can get a free, no strings attached 30 days Gold plan trial here.

Note: you will NOT be asked for any credit card information and will not have to pay a thing, nor will you have to cancel anything in order to avoid having to pay for the service. Signing up via the above link gives you 30 days free Gold plan trial. After 30 days the plan just goes back to the free Lite plan. If you need more than 30 days to evaluate the service, please let us know. Free, no strings attached 30 days Gold plan trial sign up is here. Enjoy!

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