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Tomcat Monitoring Integration

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This old cat, Apache Tomcat, has been around for ages, but it’s still very much alive!  It’s at version 8, with version 7.x still being maintained, while the new development is happening on version 9.0.  We’ve just added support for Tomcat monitoring to the growing list of monitoring integrations the other day, so if you run Tomcat and want to monitoring all Tomcat’s metrics, give Sematext’s Tomcat monitoring a go!  Note that Sematext supports Tomcat 7.x, 8.x, and 9.x.

Transaction Tracing

Before you jump to the screenshot below, read this: you may reeeeeally want to enable Transaction Tracing in the Sematext monitoring agent running on your Tomcat boxes.  Why?  Because that will help you find bottlenecks in your web application by tracing transactions (think HTTP requests + method call + network calls + DB calls + ….).  It will also build a whole map of all your applications talking to each other with information about latency, request rate, error and exception rate between all component!  Check this out (and just click it to enlarge):


Everyone loves maps.  It’s human. How about charts? Some of us have a thing for charts. Here are some charts with various Tomcat metrics, courtesy of Sematext Monitoring:

Tomcat Metrics Overview


Session Counters


Cache Usage


Threads (Threads/Connections)



Tomcat Requests

Hope you like this new addition to Sematext.  Got ideas how we could make it more useful for you?  Let us know via comments, email, or @sematext.

Not using Sematext yet? Check out the free 30-day trial by registering here (ping us if you’re a startup, a non-profit, or education institution – we’ve got special pricing for you!).  There’s no commitment and no credit card required.  Sematext monitors a ton of applications, like Elasticsearch, Solr, Hadoop, Spark, Node.js & io.js (open-source), Docker (get open-source Docker image), CoreOS, and more.