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Wanted: Devops to run and

If you are dreaming about working on search, big data, analytics, data mining, and machine learning, and are a positive, proactive, independent devops creature, inquire within!

We are a small and highly distributed team who likes to eat a little bit of everything: search for breakfast, mapreduce for lunch, and bigtable for dinner.  We are looking for a part-time-to-grow-into-full-time devops to work on the popular and sites and take them to the next level. As such, you’ll need to be on top of Lucene, Solr, and Elastic Search.  Similarly, you must be completely at $HOME on the UNIX command line.  Working knowledge of Mahout or statistics/machine learning/data mining background would be a major plus, but is not required.  Experience with productive web frameworks and slick modern front-end frameworks is another plus, as is familiarity with EC2 and EBS.

More about the ideal you:

  • You are well organized, disciplined, and efficient
  • You don’t wait to be told what to do and don’t need hand-holding
  • You are reliable, friendly, have a positive attitude, and don’t act like a prima donna
  • You have an eye for detail – no sloppy code, no poor spelelling and typous
  • You are able to communicate complex ideas in a clear fashion in English (or pretty diagrams)
  • You have experience with (large scale) search or data analysis
  • You like to write about technologies relevant to what we do
  • You are an open-source software contributor

Not all of the above are required, of course – the closer the match, the higher the relevance score, that’s all.

Interested?  Please get in touch.

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